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Walled Garden at Klaus von Nichtssaggend Gallery by New American Paintings

Walled Garden (On view through October 21st) inconspicuously groups landscape painting from several generations. You’ll find names as disparate from emerging net artist Travess Smalley to entrenched New York figure Lois Dodd (in the 50s, she co-founded the Tanager Gallery, where both Philip Pearlstein and Alex Katz got their start). All of the work loosely congregates around geometric blocks of color and a level of mid-process; the defining difference seems to be that younger artists are more fluid with materials. In that way, “Walled Garden” opens up. Tom Fairs’s pencilled gardens start us at Homer; Travess Smalley’s metallic print looks toward psychadellia; Dike Blair’s painting-accented wooden crates break the picture plane; Arlene Shechet’s ceramic log appears to be mid-melt. – Whitney Kimball, NYC Contributor

Install shot | Walled Garden: Dike Blair’s This and That, 2009, and Lois Dodd’s Echinacea, Hollyhocks & Dahlias, 2006 (Photo courtesy of Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery)

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