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Back To The Digital Future: NAP Site Redesign by New American Paintings
July 24, 2013, 9:08 am
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There have been a number of big days for New American Paintings over the past twenty years, but this may very well be the biggest. Today, we are pleased to present our new web site, which has been in top-secret development for a number of months. This site is both a capsule of the publication’s entire history, and, more importantly, the beachhead for our increasingly digital future.


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Must See Painting Shows: June by New American Paintings
June 10, 2013, 8:30 am
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Summer is a time when many galleries choose to mount group shows, and beginning in July, dozens of such shows will open throughout the country. This month, however, solo exhibitions dominate the commercial gallery landscape…are there are a lot of good ones in the mix. Among them, are shows by more than two dozen New American Paintings alumi. I am particularly excited about John Zurier at Peter Blum Gallery, Garth Weiser at Casey Kaplan, and Ann Toebbe at Monya Rowe Gallery, all in New York City. And if you live in Chicago, be sure to catch a two-person show featuring 2012 MFA Annual artists Samantha Bittman and Gabriel Pionkowski that opens at Thomas Robertello Gallery on June 14th.

There have been many strong shows by mid-career and mature artists as of late. This month the trend continues. In Houston, one of Chicago’s best-known exports, Judy Ledgerwood, has new work up at Barbara Davis Gallery. Maggi Brown, a longtime presence in Boston’s art scene, is on view at Barbara Krakow Gallery. Los Angeles boasts stellar shows by John Wesley and Gary Simmons, at David Kordansky Gallery and Regen Projects, respectively. In New York City, Wolf Kahn at Ameringer McEnery Yohe, Phillip Taaffe at Luhring Augustine, Betty Woodman at Salon 94, and the aforementioned John Zurier are all well worth a visit.

Also in New Work City, Matthew Marks has dedicated three of his gallery spaces to the work of Ellsworth Kelly, who recently celebrated his 90th birthday. Age does not seem to have slowed Kelly down. The fourteen paintings and two sculptures on view were all executed within the past two years. After seven decades, Kelly continues to rigorously pursue line, color and form.  Enjoy the list! – Steven Zevitas, Publisher

Ann Toebbe
Ann Toebbe. Courtesy of Monya Rowe Gallery.

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MUST SEE PAINTING SHOWS: MARCH by New American Paintings
March 8, 2013, 8:30 am
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More than four-dozen New American Paintings’ alumni are on view throughout the country this month. Two artists who were originally featured in MFA Annual issues from the early 2000s, Iona Rozeal Brown and William Cordova, and who have since garnered a great deal of attention, are on view in New York at Salon 94 and Sikkema Jenkins & Co., respectively. Two of our favorite emerging painters, Jered Sprecher and Eddie Martinez, can also be seen in New York this month.

Art fair month usually brings out the best of New York galleries, and this year is no exception. Aside from the show’s mentioned above, be sure to catch William J. O’Brien at Marianne Boesky, William Hawkins at Ricco Maresca, and Al Held at Cheim & Read. Andrew Masullo demonstrates that less is more and tames Mary Boone Gallery’s cavernous 24th Street space with and installation of his intimate, yet potent, explorations of color and form. Down in the Lower East Side, Dave Miko + Tom Thayer have collaborated for a show at Eleven Rivington that blends video and painting. I first saw this body of work at the 2011 NADA Art Fair in Miami, and it left a lasting impression…this show is an absolute must see.

Wayne White. Courtesy of Western Project.

There are some strong exhibitions by mid-career artists happening around the country. In Boston, hometown favorite Gerry Bergstein is on view at Gallery NAGA. Gerry has been a force around Boston since the early 1980s, both as an artist and member of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts’ painting faculty, and his work is deserving of widespread attention. Across the country in Los Angeles, don’t miss a survey of Wayne White’s work from the 2000’s at Western Project. White is an artist, art director, cartoonist and illustrator whose integration of text into found lithographs speaks of the inseparability of language and landscape in contemporary culture.

On a sad note, we wish to pay our respects to Pacific Northwest artist Alden Mason, who passed away in early February at the age of 93, and who was featured in New American Paintings’ first-ever Pacific Coast issue. His long career included a thirty-two year teaching stint at the University of Washington – Chuck Close was among his many students.  If you live in the Northwest, be sure to see Alden’s exhibition at Foster/White Gallery, which opens this week and continues through the end of April. – Steven Zevitas, Publisher
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13 to Watch in 2013: NAP Publisher’s Picks by New American Paintings

There is always a lot happening in the super charged art world of the 21st-Century, and I am constantly amazed by the number of new artists who seem to emerge each year. Some would say that the cart is driving the horse – that the machine that is the contemporary art world demands new artists at an ever-increasing, and unhealthy rate. I understand where the cynical view comes from, but I choose to be a bit more sanguine about the situation. After all, more artists than ever now have a chance to support themselves through their creative efforts, and that is certainly not a bad thing.

While the idea of historically identifiable “–isms” has largely been jettisoned as a quaint 20th– Century notion, there are certainly notable areas of artistic practice that seem to, for whatever reason at certain moments, gain traction with large numbers of artists. For the past several years, non-objective painting has been one such area.

Keltie Ferris. Courtesy of Mitchell-Innes & Nash.

As of late, emerging artists from throughout the world have been busy tearing painting down, and building it back up again; questioning exactly what a painting is; and coming up with ever more inventive and unique processes for making paintings. Many artists have taken a “provisional” stance, while others are producing highly finished work that so blurs the line between two and three-dimensional practice that categories of media such as painting and sculpture become all but useless. (The latter tendency is being explored in a soon-to-open exhibition at the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA.)

My list of painters to watch in 2013 intentionally reflects this current moment in painting. As such, it could fairly be asked whether some of the artists on the list are even painters per se. Without a doubt, all of them take cues from the history of painting and, whether or not paint is actually used in the execution of their work, produce objects that force the viewer to address issues central to painting.

Steven Zevitas
Editor and Publisher
New American Paintings

13 to Watch in 2013:

Joshua Abelow
Paul Cowan
Liam Everett
Keltie Ferris
Nikolas Gambaroff
David Korty
Daniel Lefcourt
Yoshiaki Mochizuki
Scott Olson
Noam Rappaport
Julia Rommel
Hugh Scott Douglas
Lucien Smith

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Must See Painting Shows: January by New American Paintings
January 9, 2013, 8:30 am
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Happy New Year from all of us at New American Paintings.

Out of the more than 400 commercial galleries that we surveyed this month, more than 70% had painting shows on view. Among them are two dozen solo exhibitions by New American Paintings alumni. New Orleans’ native Nicole Charbonnet, who was featured in one of our earliest issues, presents new work at the venerable Arthur Roger Gallery. In San Francisco, Chris Ballantyne is a must see at Hosfelt Gallery, as is Andrew Schoultz at Mark Moore Gallery in Los Angeles. We are particularly excited about Yoshiaki Mochizuki’s debut at Marlborough Chelsea, where he will have his technically complex abstract paintings on view. Yoshiaki will be featured in the soon to be released 2013 Northeast issue of New American Paintings.

As always, New York City has a lot to offer. Emerging artists Keltie Ferris and Jules de Balincourt both have stellar shows that close this week, and mid-career artists such as Francis Alys and Carroll Dunham continue to push their practice forward. A survey of Gary Simmons’ work at Metro Pictures brings together a range of media, and offers a concise look at this mid-career artist’s substantial body of work. This month, New York also has the opportunity to consider the work of Chicago Imagist Roger Brown, whose stature has continued to rise since his death in 1997, in a well curated exhibition at DC Moore. Enjoy the list. – Steven Zevitas, Publisher

Andrew Schoultz. Courtesy of Mark Moore Gallery.

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Must See Painting Shows: November by New American Paintings
November 14, 2012, 8:25 am
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More than forty New American Paintings’ alumni are on view this month throughout the country. They range from mid-career painter, Trenton Doyle Hancock, to 2010 Hunter MFA grad Michael Hilsman, who is having his first solo exhibition this month at Louis B. James in New York City. The San Francisco area alone has six New American Paintings artists on view including Jim Gaylord at Gregory Lind and Conrad Ruiz at Jessica Silverman. If you love painting and live in San Francisco then you are lucky, as there are an extraordinary range of shows on view this month.

On another note, all of us at New American Paintings want to send our best wishes out to New York’s art world which was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. We know a number of gallerists and artists who have been adversely affected by the storm.  It is good to see some of our friends, such as ZieherSmith, reopen so quickly after such devastation.

The show must go on, as they say, and even as a number of galleries are busy with repairs, many more are open for business. As always, there are dozens of painting shows to choose from. Some of my top picks this month include: Wayne Thiebaud at Acquavella; Ed Ruscha at Gagosian; Jules De Balincourt at Salon 94; Mark Bradford at Sikkema Jenkins; and Tal R at Cheim & Reid. If you are in the Lower East Side, be sure to catch Joshua Neustein’s exhibition at Untitled, which is his first in New York in two decades. Enjoy the list. – Steven Zevitas, Publisher

Trenton Doyle Hancock. Courtesy of James Cohan Gallery.

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Must See Painting Shows: June by New American Paintings
June 7, 2012, 8:26 am
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Summer is upon us. As is typical, many galleries around the country are mounting group exhibitions. There are a surprising number of first-rate solo exhibitions on view, many of which stretch into July. I am happy to see more than two-dozen New American Paintings’ alumni in the mix, including Todd Chilton at Feature, Inc. in New York City, who will be the cover artist for Issue #101.

In a coast to coast face off of contemporary masters, be sure not to miss Brice Marden’s elegant show at Matthew Marks Gallery in New York and Wayne Thiebaud’s exhibition at John Berggruen Gallery in San Francisco. For many, Marden is the greatest living abstractionist and Thiebaud the greatest living painter of objects.

New York is a hotbed of well-conceived group exhibitions. Be sure to check out “Twisted Sister” at Dodge Gallery, which is co-curated by art world veteran, Janet Phelps and Gallery Owner, Kristen Dodge. In this raucous exhibition, Phelps brings together thirty outstanding emerging and mid-career female painters, including three of our favorites: Summer Wheat, Allison Schulnik and Molly Zuckerman-Hartung. Up in Chelsea, don’t miss “the Big Picture” at Sikkema, Jenkins & Co., in which, I am happy to see, long-time University of Iowa professor John Dilg is included. Also in Chelsea, “Everyday Abstract – Abstract Everyday” is yet another solid exhibition that, in one sense, explores the fluidity between painting and other media. Other group shows of note include “Painting in Space” and “Stretching Painting” which are both soon to open at Luhring Augustine and Galerie Lelong, respectively, and “Pothole” at Salon 94 on the Upper East Side.

Enjoy the list, and be sure to let us know whom you think we forgot in the comments section. – Steven Zevitas, Editor/Publisher

John Dilg | Wisconsin, oil on canvas, 11 x 14 inches

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