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Cinematic Curiosities: Patte Loper’s Still Point of the Returning World by New American Paintings
October 24, 2011, 8:30 am
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The small row of Patte Loper’s modest, handcrafted sculptures from new exhibition Still Point of the Returning World discretely lines a pedestal in the back of Seattle’s Platform GalleryUntitled (Leipzig) resembles an awkward architectural model of stacked boxes, covered by a bulbous sheet; the nearby funnel created from sticks and cardboard strips stands stagnant in space, like a film prop without a set.  Within the surrounding paintings, however, these foreign sculptural objects explode into complex cornerstones of the artist’s fantastical, painted environments. The mound of boxes becomes a radiating acropolis, stranded impossibly between a fairyland and a modernist kitchen in the painting titled Queen Mab; in Remember Me as a Time of Day, the funnel transforms into a radiant, pink cyclone, expunging tree limbs and frolicking foxes into a two-dimensional forest. – Erin Langner, Seattle Contributor

Remember Me as a Time of Day,
20 x 24 inches, oil on panel, 2011. Courtesy Patte Loper and Platform Gallery.

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Must-See Painting Shows: November by openstudiospress

Kyle Field, from the exhibition KYLE FIELD: Waxing Marks, Courtesy Taylor De Cordoba, Los Angeles.

This fall there are some really exciting shows at commercial galleries all across the country, especially in the case of artists previously featured in New American Paintings, and we’re pleased to share with our readers the must-see gallery shows of the season. Our staff has put together a list of 40 of the top painting exhibitions at private galleries across the country—from New York to San Francisco to Houston, Chicago, L.A. and more—featuring more than 25 notable and not-to-be-missed shows of contemporary painting from major painting players like Brice Marden, Luc Tuymans, and Danny Rolph. Let the gallery hopping begin!  —Evan J. Garza

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