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Market Promise in Emerging Painters…What’s the Deal? by New American Paintings
August 8, 2012, 7:25 am
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“What’s the Deal?” aims to provide artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts with an opportunity to hear the opinions of individuals that help run the art world. We have an amazing network of prominent art dealers and gallerists ready and willing to answer your questions. For our first “What’s the Deal?” post, Heather Marx, Co-Owner, Marx & Zavattero, answers a question about identifying market promise in emerging painters. As always, we encourage you to share your opinion in the comments section.

If we use your question on our blog, you will receive a free issue of New American Paintings, not to mention the opinion of an experienced art world professional. So keep those questions coming (Instructions on how to ask them at the bottom of the post).

Question: What criteria do art dealers look for in identifying market promise in emerging painters?

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40 Galleries You Should Know if You Love Paint by New American Paintings
June 29, 2012, 8:15 am
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It is a simple truth that in any given month, if you added up all of the available space in commercial galleries around the country, the amount dedicated to painting would dwarf that of all other media. The list that I have compiled consists of 40 United States’ based galleries that have a proclivity for painting. That is not to say that painting is the only medium that these galleries show; indeed, most represent artists producing work in a range of media. All of them, however, have shown a particular interest in the medium over an extended period of time, and all have stables of artists that are at least 50% painters.

Mark Flood. Courtesy of Zach Feuer

The list is obviously far from comprehensive, and I consciously avoided blue chip galleries such as David Zwirner and Matthew Marks in favor of younger spaces. Some dealers I have personal relationships with, and others I know only casually. If you love the medium of painting, these are all spaces that you should be familiar with.

I hope that you find the list informative. Directly below is a list and after the jump you’ll find some brief comments and a list of noteable artists. Enjoy! – Steven Zevitas, President/Publisher, New American Paintings

American Contemporary
Angles Gallery
Jeff Bailey Gallery
Shane Campbell Gallery
Lisa Cooley
Corbett vs. Dempsey
CRG Gallery
Devening Projects + Editions
Eleven Rivington
Feature Inc
Zach Feuer
Freight + Volume
Gallery Paule Anglim
James Fuentes
James Harris Gallery
Harris Lieberman Gallery
Horton Gallery
Inman Gallery
International Art Objects Galleries
James Kelly Contemporary
Leo Koenig, Inc.
David Kordansky Gallery
LaMontagne Gallery
Gregory Lind Gallery
Marx & Zavattero
Anthony Meier Fine Arts
Mitchell-Innes & Nash
Mark Moore Gallery
Friedrich Petzel Gallery
Sue Scott Gallery
Sikkema, Jenkins & Co
Fredric Snitzer Gallery
Texas Gallery
Susan Vielmetter Los Angeles Art Projects
Daniel Weinberg Gallery
Howard Yezerksi Gallery
Zieher Smith

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Libby Black: Nothing Lasts Forever by New American Paintings

I caught up with artist Libby Black (NAP #67 and #85) at Marx & Zavattero gallery in San Francisco, where her show ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ is currently on view (through May 26th). Black has carefully selected and curated the images in the show, mindful of how flower paintings can be associated with ‘Sunday painters.’ To combat this tendency she has injected a layer of darkness and playfulness into the show through unique juxtapositions. For instance, between still-lifes of colorful bouquets is one of a high heel shoe with a penis extending from the toe, a design by Vivienne Westwood. The placement of a woman’s crotch sheathed in nothing more than nude pantyhose next to a painting of a flamingo’s head instantly brings to mind the phallic nature of the bird’s beak. She says, “I really needed these other pieces [in the show] so it wasn’t just about flowers—it’s about life, death, and sex; mundane moments mixed with elevated things that keep you thinking. I like to introduce this other layer within the work, just to take you down a different avenue for a little bit.” – Read the entire interview by Nadiah Fellah, our San Francisco Contributor, after the jump!

Libby Black | Pantyhose, 2011, oil on canvas, 12 x 9 inches
Libby Black | Pink, 2012, oil on canvas, 48 x 36 inches

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New American Paintings’ Miami Beach Highlights by New American Paintings

For the past decade, Miami has effectively become the art capital of the world for one week in early December of each year. Spearheaded by the launch of Art Basel Miami in 2001, the city now plays host to more than a dozen satellite art fairs, and countless events and performances spread throughout the city. Hundreds of galleries from around the world participate in the various fairs and events, and they offer the unprecedented opportunity for art enthusiasts, collectors and art world professionals to consider the work of thousands of artists. Overwhelming? Absolutely. Fun? You bet. An art fair might not be the best situation in which to seriously consider works of art, but there is no better place to get the pulse of the current art world. — Read more from NAP Publisher, Steven Zevitas, and see some highlights after the jump!

Artist Amze Emmons (NAP #41, MFA Annual 2002, #81, #98), in front of his work at Fountain

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Andrew Schoultz at Marx & Zavattero by openstudiospress
September 17, 2010, 10:00 am
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Reblogged from My Love For You Is a Stampede of Horses and written by Meighan O’Toole. Andrew Schoultz was featured in edition #79 of New American Paintings.


Last week I posted an installation visit with Andrew Schoultz as he prepared for his show, Compound Eyes on the World at Marx & Zavattero and as promised here are pics from the opening. The detail in Andrew’s show is incredible and, as I have said many times before, I hate this word, but truly epic. I took so many pictures, I was like a kid in a candy store. All of the pics from the install and opening can be found on My Love For You’s flickr. You can also take an online walk through on M&Z’s website.

Compound Eyes on the World: New Work by Andrew Schoultz runs September 11 through October 23, 2010.





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