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Iona Rozeal Brown and 30 Americans at Corcoran by New American Paintings

Over New American Paintings’ history we have reviewed the work of tens of thousands of artists. For those with a keen interest in contemporary painting, the publication has had an incredible track record of featuring artists that have gone on to gain significant attention. Iona Rozeal Brown is one such artist. She was featured in our 2002 MFA Annual when she had just graduated from the Yale School of Art. We knew there was something special about her even then, and nine years later she has proven it with an international exhibition record and a collector base that includes the New Museum and the Hirshhorn Museum.

Brown is a participant in The Corcoran Gallery of Art’s exhibition called 30 Americans, which, “…showcases works by many of the most important African American artists of the last three decades. This provocative exhibition focuses on issues of racial, sexual, and historical identity in contemporary culture while exploring the powerful influence of artistic legacy and community across generations.” The show, which runs through February 12th, was organized by the Rubell Family Collection, Miami. — More about the exhibition and participating artists after the jump!

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