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MAKING [in] DALLAS by New American Paintings

I’m not gonna say that Dallas has a “burgeoning art scene.” It’s been here and it’s full of artists who are not tied to a specific idea of what it is like to exist in a cultural mecca. There is a shit ton of space: warehouses are being flipped into DIY studios, abandoned buildings are being utilized for performances and pop up group shows and there is a re-introduction of artist run galleries and raw experimental spaces. Top notch venues such as Dallas’ Power Station and Forth Worth Contemporary Arts are bringing in international artists and sparking much needed conversations as well. Through a series of articles entitled MAKING [in] DALLAS, I will introduce you to key venues, artists, organizers and overall bad asses in an effort to familiarize you with the rebels of our community. We want to get to know you. – Arthur Peña, Dallas Contributor

Volume I: Fort Worth Drawing Center

This wall welcomes you to FWDC.

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Small Crowd: RISD MFA Painting Grads at Mixed Greens by openstudiospress

Katie Bell, Breaker, 2011 | Vinyl, acrylic, foam, rope and paper. Approx. 9 x 10 feet. Courtesy Mixed Greens, New York.

There have been countless MFA thesis shows around the country since May, but few have been as captivating or as relevant as that of the RISD Painting MFA 2011 grads on view at Mixed Greens in New York. (And even fewer are still on view through July.) Hailing from the Rhode Island School of Design, the show features work by Corydon CowansageCollin HattonField KallopNell PainterAnna PlessetMike Schbreiber, Keith Allyn Spencer, and Katie Bell, who we recently saw in the annual New Insight show of promising MFA candidates, curated by Susanne Ghez for NEXT Chicago.

If the work by artists in Small Crowd is any indication of what’s taking place in MFA painting programs across the country, the outlook is good. Abstraction is unsurprisingly favored over figuration here, and wielded by Hatton, Kallop, Spencer and others. Contemporary painters are frequently returning to ideas of the painting as object, an approach used by Bell and Plesset, and to brilliant effect.

More pics after the jump!  —Evan J. Garza, Editor-at-Large

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New Insight: Top MFA Students on view at NEXT by openstudiospress

Antonia Gurkovska, Untitled (Europa), 2010 | Oil, acrylic, wax, latex paint, fabric, and enamel, 92 x 72 inches. Courtesy the artist and The Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago.

As part of the Special Projects on view at Art Chicago | NEXT this weekend (opening today!), New Insight is an exhibition featuring 18 of the top MFA candidates from some of the strongest graduate studio programs in the country. Curated by Susanne Ghez, director of The Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago, an institution with a vast history of exhibiting cutting edge work, this year’s New Insight show, now in its fifth year, is right in line with NEXT‘s mission of being a platform for new ideas and young, newly emerging artists.

With MFA students freshly on our brains at New American Paintings, with the recent release of #93, our new MFA Annual book on newsstands, the presence of national, high-profile MFA talent is tantamount to the idea behind the fair itself. And with works not available for sale by the students, the show drives home the point that the attitude at NEXT seems to put content over commerce.  —Evan J. Garza, Editor-at-Large

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