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Liz Markus at ZieherSmith by openstudiospress

Artforum, 2010 | Collage and glitter on unprimed canvas, 105 x 105 inches. Images courtesy the artist and ZieherSmith, New York.

Liz Markus is a huge Depeche Mode fan. (And it shows.) Are You Punk or New Wave?, an exhibition of eight large new paintings and the New York artist’s third solo show with ZieherSmith in Chelsea, is packed with references to both of the 1980s music genres as well as major art figures from the time, executed with both sharp wit and an attitude appropriate for the subject matter itself. We met at ZieherSmith last week to talk about her new work, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and ACT UP. —Evan J. Garza

EJG: Did you grow up listening to punk rock?
I did. I grew up listening to new wave music, and punk rock when I was in art school. So, late—like ten years later. That was a question people would ask you at school, “Are you punk or new wave?” I went to an all-girls prep school, so no one was really punk, but there was one new wave girl. And I remember asking her, “Are you punk or new wave?” and she was like, “New wave.”

(installation view) Liz Markus: Are You Punk or New Wave? at ZieherSmith, New York

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