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Northeast Issue #98 Sneek Peek! by New American Paintings

The 2012 Northeast Issue, #98, is now hitting newsstands across the US. We expect them to ship to subscribers in the next 1 to 2 weeks, so check those mailboxes! The juror for the Northeast issue was Dina Deitsch, deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Lincoln, MA.

Deitsch notes in her essay, “While the Northeast can be characterized by its cold weather, ties to the earliest days of American history, a collection of some very good schools, and perhaps, what is politely termed a Yankee frugality or better yet, pragmatism, the truth of the matter is that the art here bears no such defining characteristics. In the realm of painting, where the limits are the mind and hand, there is a remarkable range of forward-thinking ideas, subject matter, and technique. In the grouping of painters featured in this issue of New American Paintings you’ll come across works that speak more to the human experience—both local and global—and a broadening effect of thinking through painting as a material, as color, and less as a means to an end. This shift towards the materiality of paint seems to almost reinvigorate the medium, taking it into the space of the world itself.”

— View a list of all featured artists after the jump!

You can pre-order the issue by calling 617-778-5265.

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#93: MFA Annual, Juror: Randi Hopkins, ICA/Boston by openstudiospress

Cover: Michael Hilsman

The MFA Annual edition of New American Paintings has quickly become our most popular issue of the year—and rightly so. For nearly two decades, our mission has been to put the work of emerging contemporary artists in the hands of readers, collectors, curators, and painting enthusiasts, and where better to find young, emerging work than in some of best studio programs the country.

We’re very proud to feature our talented friend Randi Hopkins, Associate Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston, as this edition’s juror. Randi has had extensive experience working directly with emerging artists for several years, and her selections make for one of the most exciting group of MFA candidates we’ve published to date. Also included is a Q&A with Randi in the back of the book, in which she talks Rauschenberg, Monet, and Eddie Martinez.

The Spotlight feature for this edition focuses on San Francisco’s Ruth Laskey, previously featured in the 2005 MFA Annual and a recent recipient of a prestigious SECA Art Award from SFMOMA for her handmade linen work. Laskey moved from painting to weaving during grad school, and her work elegantly re-examines the traditional practice of painting.

This is an exciting moment for contemporary painting, with artists—young and old—re-evaluating the use of their materials and investigating the limits of the medium itself. The works contained in this issue reflect some of the most talented and exciting perspectives from emerging young artists in the country. To see a complete list of the artists featured in this year’s MFA Annual, and see images of their work, click the link below to keep reading!  —Evan J. Garza, Editor-at-Large

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