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The Writing’s on the Wall: a Q&A with David Kramer by New American Paintings

Considering current events, it may be easy to wonder if David Kramer’s paintings have a slight political bent. Much like the characters in his work, we’ve had to collectively reassess our own aspirations amid the failed promises of the credit and housing bubbles. But taking stock of one’s own life is far from a political act, and Kramer’s work is probably too introspective to be social activism. In his paintings, Kramer, who is a child of the 70s, responds with disappointment to the glossy promises of 1970s lifestyle magazine ads. His response can begin to seem like a latently familiar one, and whether we perceive this personally or collectively is likely to depend on the viewer.

Modern Living
, 2011, Ink and bleach on paper, 19 3/4 x 25 1/2 inches, courtesy of Heiner Contemporary and the artist

Heiner Contemporary in Washington, D.C. is currently exhibiting a solo show by New York-based David Kramer titled Prequel to the Sequel: Waiting for a Hollywood Ending, which runs through October 22. I caught up with the artist to ask him a few questions about his work. His answers, and photos from Prequel to the Sequel, after the jump. — Matthew Smith, D.C. contributor.

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