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Gallerist at Home: Mixed Greens by New American Paintings

If you are not familiar with Mixed Greens in the art world, it is much like it sounds – a mixed collection of vibrant and forward-thinking curators and directors who have come together, established a lasting artistic reputation with more radical roots, and who now forge ahead with a traditional New York gallery space.

2. Mixed Greens
In the back (L-R): Monica Herman and Courtney Strimple. In the front (L-R), Heather Darcy Bhandari and Steven Sergiovanni.

Setting out to document this Gallerist at Home spread with four distinct gallerists, homes, and art collections was tricky, but it is wonderful to see where their tastes and collecting practices overlap, shedding light on their collaborative processes.  Focusing on exhibitions coordinator Courtney Strimple and directors Steve Sergiovanni, Heather Darcy Bhandari, and Monica Herman, I asked them to explore their two favorite interior spaces and works of art and to share the stories behind them.  Enjoy this look into the more private collections and art inside the homes of the faces behind Mixed Greens. – Ellen C. Caldwell, Los Angeles Contributor

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Gallerist at Home: David B. Smith by New American Paintings

Denver’s burgeoning contemporary art scene is anchored by such galleries as David B. Smith Gallery. Representing artists like Laura Ball (NAP #61, #97), Hong Seon Jang, and Cole Sternberg, the gallery is at once contemporary and relevant—and growing with the times.

1. Smith at gallery
David Smith (center, in tie) at opening reception for Hong Seon Jang, Labyrinth, at David B. Smith Gallery, Denver, May 2012. Time-lapse photograph courtesy of Paul Winner.

In his home, as with most other “gallerists at home,” Smith’s passion and enthusiasm for the artists he represents professionally is clear. Pairing paintings with photography and sculpture, he has created a warm and inviting space that reflects his humor and personality as well. – Ellen C. Caldwell, Los Angeles Contributor

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Gallerist at Home: Paul Kopeikin by New American Paintings
January 29, 2013, 8:30 am
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The Kopeikin Gallery is nestled amidst Culver City’s galleries on La Cienega.  Offering a fresh and reliable dose of art to Angelenos, the gallery is a favorite respite of mine, mostly because of its versatile yet dependable shows, such as “Looking at Mexico” and “Alejandro Cartegena” in 2012 (reviewed here) or another favorite artist “Amy Ross” (NAP #32, #50, #62, #74) in 2011.

1. gallery facade
Gallery façade, courtesy of Kopeikin Gallery.

At his home, gallery director and owner Paul Kopeikin has a similar approach and aesthetic when it comes to choosing the art he displays.  But when it comes to the physical arrangement of the display, Kopeikin has more flexibility at home, often choosing a random pairing of photographs, or an entire salon-style wall in his kitchen.  The look and feel is much like his gallery, refreshing and pleasurable to explore. – Ellen C. Caldwell, Los Angeles Contributor Continue reading

Gallerist at Home: L’Anne Gilman by New American Paintings

L’Anne Gilman, owner of Gilman Contemporary in Sun Valley, Idaho, has a really personal collection, focusing mainly on photography.

As Gilman explains, “Photography has been my personal passion for over 20 years.”  She was first encouraged by her father, who inspired her to take photographs throughout her teenage and college years.  After graduating from college, she moved to Sun Valley where she began her gallery work and where Gilman says she was lucky enough to work with an owner who also had a passion for photography.  In her own words, this time period was when “I truly began to develop my own eye and move toward collecting photographs for my home.” – Ellen C. Caldwell, Los Angeles Contributor

1. Group photo
L’Anne Gilman (center) pictured with Gilman Contemporary directors Casey Hanrahan and Raine Kidder.  Photo courtesy of Charles Kay, Jr.

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Gallerist at Home: Joshua Liner by New American Paintings

Just four years ago, Joshua Liner Gallery opened its doors in New York’s Chelsea District.  After Superstorm Sandy hit Chelsea’s gallery row particularly hard, I am pleased to report that owner and director Joshua Liner opened their current show Tiffany Bozic’sTransformation” only a week behind schedule. – Ellen C. Caldwell, Los Angeles Contributor

Tony Curanaj | Pop Art Icon, 2009, oil on canvas, Tiffany Bozic | Untitled, Os Gemeos “Untitled.” Photos courtesy of Christos Katsiaouni.

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Gallerist at Home: Margaret Heiner by New American Paintings

Nestled in DC’s Georgetown neighborhood, Margaret Heiner’s cozy gallery Heiner Contemporary, is quite perfect for a bustling college town, as it offers visitors young, fresh, and contemporary art.

Heiner has a keen eye for contemporary art, which at her home, serves as quite a compliment to her husband’s passion for Renaissance and Baroque art.  Together, their home reflects their combined love and zeal for art, while also showcasing their different tastes and preferences. – Ellen C. Caldwell, Los Angeles Contributor

Bedroom Grouping, featuring artists: Alexander Gorlizki, R. A. Miller, Edwina White, Skylar Fein, Tony Feher, Avery Lawrence, Dawn Black, Walead Beshty, David Kramer, iona rozeal brown, William Powhida, Theodore “Ted” Turner. Photo courtesy of Nicole Lanteri.

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Gallerist at Home: Monique Meloche by New American Paintings

Hip, stylish, and ever-tasteful, Monique Meloche (the founder, owner, and namesake of monique meloche gallery) and her husband live in a contemporary single family home in Ukranian Village, Chicago.  After Meloche and her husband got married and moved into their home, they opened the gallery in that very residence in October of 2000 with an exhibition aptly called “Homewrecker” before opening to the public in 2001.

Rashid Johnson, Thug, 2000, neon and mahogany, 48 x 48 in. Image courtesy of artist and moniquemeloche; Photography by Heidi Norton.

Twelve years later, Meloche is still a tastemaker in the art world and gallery circuit.  Meloche also founded Gallery Weekend Chicago, an annual fall art fair that runs from September 21-23rd this year.  Having started the gallery in her home, Meloche is a perfect candidate for Gallerist at Home, as she is constantly testing and blurring the lines between personal and private — home and gallery. – Ellen C. Caldwell Continue reading

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