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Against The Grain; Auction Benefitting LA Art Students by New American Paintings

We received word of a great auction this weekend (Saturday) at the Mark Moore Gallery that will raise grant funds for one Los Angeles-based student artist. Against the Grain, according to its creators, 5790projects, the auction will,”feature works on paper that showcase diversified studio practices through a shared medium. Unlike any other charity arts auction, Against the Grain pioneers an artist community-based project in direct support of the next generation of emerging artists.” We are proud to say that many past feature New American Paintings artists will be participating, including, Eddie Martinez, Taravat Talepasand, Allison Cortson, Libby Black, Ryan Schneider, Brian Cooper, Ana Fernandez, Aaron Zimmerman, Bob Snead, Scott Anderson, Jason Adkins, Karl  Connolly, and Annie Lapin.


After the jump, you can read the full press release and see all artists that are having their works auctioned off (for a modest starting price of $100).

Annie Lapin Untitled, 2012 Oil paint on oil paper 10″ x 7″

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Ten Must See Painting Shows: Summer 2012 by New American Paintings

Originally Posted on the Huffington Post by New American Paintings Publisher/Editor, Steven Zevitas

The heat has been turned way up on the East Coast, which is all the more reason to duck into a few galleries as you trudge through the city. As is typical for the summer months, a lot of galleries have mounted ambitious group exhibitions, many of which focus on painting.

In New York City, be sure to see: “The Big Picture” at Sikkema Jenkins (featuring NAP alums John Dilg and David Schutter); “Breed” at Greenberg Van Doren Gallery (featuring NAP alum Eddie Martinez); “Stretching Painting” at Galerie Lelong (featuring NAP alums Sarah Cain, Kate Shepherd, and emerging Chicago-based artist, Gabriel Pionkowski); “Contemporary Watercolor” at Morgan Lehman (featuring NAP alums Nina Bovasso, Sarah Cain, Ellen Lesperance and Kim McCarty); “Yeah we are friends and shit” at Josee Bienvenu Gallery (featuring NAP alums Kirk Hayes and Devin Troy Strother); “Stand still like a hummingbird” at David Zwirner (featuring NAP alum Ruth Laskey); “In plain sight” at Mitchell-Innes and Nash (featuring NAP alum Anna Conway); “Everyday Abstract – Abstract Everyday” at James Cohan Gallery; “Painting in Space” at Luhring Augustine; “Context Message” at Zach Feuer; “Hot Tub Time Machine” at Canada; and “Braman, Buren, Falls, Heilmann, Louis, Thurman” at Eleven Rivington.

Installation view. Courtesy of Eleven Rivington.

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Ryan Travis Christian at Western Exhibitions by New American Paintings

I’ve never seen anyone successfully treat a pencil as a painting tool the way Ryan Travis Christian does. In his current show, entitled River Rats, at Western Exhibitions is a large array of his recent drawings of technically proficient geometric explosions, early 20th century-style cartoon characters, drug references, and op-art patterns that fluctuate between being graphic and expressionistic. The space in the drawings is both converging and exploding simultaneously. The work itself seems mischievous, the product of a recurring theme of a self-referential suburban upbringing and the tomfoolery that accompanies the banality of growing up in the ‘burbs. Again, what I find most striking about Ryan’s work is how painterly it is. Without the interjection of the cartoon figures, the drawings could be a hybrid of early Guston and Joan Mitchell; an ethereal mass of gestures and mark-making that the figures come in and out of. – Josh Reames, Chicago Contributor

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New American Paintings & The Huffington Post: Eddie Martinez by openstudiospress
March 25, 2011, 2:44 am
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Art Basel Miami Beach installation view of Eddie Martinez, The Feast, 2010, mixed media on canvas (tripych), 8 x 28 feet, Courtesy of The Saatchi Collection, London and ZieherSmith, New York.

New American Paintings has joined forces with The Huffington Post‘s new Arts section to cover the work of an artist previously included in the magazine. From our list of 11 to Watch in 2011: Editor’s Picks, New York’s Eddie Martinez is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. (You might remember Eddie’s skeleton from our recent studio visit.)

Featured as the Spotlight artist in the current issue of New American Paintings, #92, Martinez caused a stir in December when his mammoth triptych at Art Basel Miami Beach for ZieherSmith sold to British mega-collector Charles Saatchi. At a staggering 8-by-28 feet, the painting is the largest ever made by the Brooklyn-based artist, whose career in the last several years has seen its own significant amplification.

We’ve included several images of recent work by Eddie below. And you can read more about him in our feature today on The Huffington Post!

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Tacos (& a studio visit) with Chuck Webster by openstudiospress

Tucked away in a two-story walk-up in a northeast corner of Brooklyn is Chuck Webster‘s Bushwick studio and apartment. And, lucky for him (and me), there’s a pretty mean Mexican taqueria across the street from the Jefferson stop on the L, just a few of blocks away. Since great Mexican food is hard to find in Boston, I jumped at the invitation while in New York last week to have a few chorizo tacos with Chuck and take a look at his work for My Small Adventures, his upcoming solo show of new paintings with ZieherSmith in Chelsea, opening this Thursday.

Chuck’s work occupies a necessary place in contemporary abstraction, where insistence of form is met by both a genuine investigation of mark-making and child-like curiosity. The vehicle for his works are wooden panels (equipped with shelf-like grids on the back) whose surfaces are deeply sanded, discolored, and scratched — offering a kind of weathered, wistful context by which to examine his forms. That nostalgia was furthered during my visit after Webster opened his flat files, which are filled with collaborations between he and Eddie Martinez, as well as several colorful drawings made by Webster at the age of 10. Astonishingly, the contours of the monsters depicted therein strongly resemble the forms that Chuck still creates to this day. If it’s true that some artists spend their entire lives trying to paint like a child, then Webster doesn’t have to work very hard. The truth, however, is that he does. More pics after the jump.

Evan J. Garza, Editor-at-Large

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PROCESS: Eddie Martinez & The Birth of a Skeleton by openstudiospress
February 1, 2011, 2:17 pm
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I dropped by Eddie Martinez‘s studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn recently to hang out and shoot the shit. Eddie and I chatted while he buzzed around the studio working on four different canvases simultaneously. One of which was a rather chipper skeleton with a bright red nose, shrouded in the negative space of black oil. (And each of those defining traits wouldn’t last long.) Over the course of an hour, through spray painting, scraping, and constant revision, the features of the skeleton began to take several forms. The following is the life of a single painting during my studio visit, with some extraneous studio shots, including the work in its final incarnation. More pics after the jump.  —Evan J. Garza, Editor-at-Large

Eddie’s work will be featured in a Spotlight spread in the forthcoming Northeast issue of New American Paintings, edition #92, available on newsstands February 15!

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The gem to end all gems on Eddie Martinez’s studio wall by openstudiospress
January 28, 2011, 12:49 pm
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The ‘winner’ for best studio visit of 2010 goes to Eddie Martinez. Hands down.

On a recent visit to Eddie’s space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, there was plenty of eye-catching stuff: a book on the work of Hans Hoffman, several recent (and intensely great) works on paper, graffiti tags spray-painted onto walls, not to mention the slew of paintings that Eddie was working on simultaneously while darting around the studio. The most amazing find, however, was this decades-old, barf-worthy clipping of Sylvester Stallone working on a painting on his Malibu terrace. And, since Martinez’s oeuvre has long been informed by still life, the caption at the bottom is especially ironic.

Martinez will be featured in a Spotlight spread in next month’s Pacific Coast edition of the magazine (on newsstands soon). More pics from Eddie’s studio visit on the blog next week.  —Evan J. Garza, Editor-at-Large

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