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Douglas Weathersby / Environmental Services: What Is Yours Is Mine by New American Paintings
February 5, 2013, 8:30 am
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For over 15 years, Douglas Weathersby’s Environmental Services (ES) project has effectively blurred, conjoined, confused and conflated the dual senses of the word work that we comfortably manage in daily life: there’s the prosaic sense of making a living, and then there’s the inflated artworld sense of the oeuvre, with its freight of value and meaning.

Weathersby hires himself out for the former, and the results are the objects presented as the latter.  ES objects don’t pretend otherwise – they carry the imprint of their former life, and so also the network of relations that caused them: chance encounters with clients’ needs, the resultant stuff and experiences acquired, the negotiations required, and the time and opportunity for transformation.  ES objects bear all of this, and more, for in the most effective ES installations, the work of art and the work of daily life are so thoroughly intermixed that expectations and sensibilities of value get realigned, and a wholly new type of object appears, bound neither by the abstractions ‘art’ nor ‘life’, but inhabiting a thingness-in-itself which we can’t quite categorize. – Jeff Perrott, Boston Contributor

Environmental Services, What is Yours is Mine, 2013, installation view. Photo: Carly Gaebe, Courtesy Dodge Gallery

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Site Specific: Environmental Services at Solomon Projects, Atlanta by openstudiospress

Environmental Services Paint Shed Showcase, installation view, Solomon Projects, Atlanta. Photo courtesy Solomon Projects.

Environmental Services is Boston artist Douglas Weathersby‘s art-making practice as well as his handyman company and livelihood. Working with clients, galleries, artists, museums, and collaborators, Weathersby responds to both the project at hand and the site itself, transforming accumulations of dust and detritus into elegant installations.

Paint Shed Showcase, his much-anticipated solo show for Atlanta’s Solomon Projects, finds Weathersby at possibly his most refined, with large acrylic on drop cloth paintings operating as both artifacts of his previous work (the ES Paint Shed for Flux Projects) and bona fide paintings and sculptures. As well, the Solomon space has been transformed by wall murals, photographic logs, vinyl graphics by the artist, and installations of used paint cans. As contemporary practitioners continue to explore the painting as object, Weathersby’s approach is in a league of its own, imbuing remarkable conceptual understandings and context into methods of production, the act of art preparation, and actual art-making.

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‘Shakedown’ at DODGE gallery (PHOTOS) by openstudiospress

Taylor Davis, d sell em, 2009, watercolor and watercolor pencil on paper, 10 x 14 inches

With the summer equinox behind us, that can only mean one thing: summer group shows. Capping off their inaugural year in business, New York’s DODGE gallery on the Lower East Side recently opened with one of our summer favorites. SHAKEDOWN, featuring work by the gallery’s roster and invited artists, is a veritable ‘who’s who’ of emergent talent from Boston and New York, including work by Jane Fox Hipple, Laurel Sparks, Taylor Davis, Robert de Saint Phalle, Environmental Services, and several others.

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