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Northeast Issue #98 Sneek Peek! by New American Paintings

The 2012 Northeast Issue, #98, is now hitting newsstands across the US. We expect them to ship to subscribers in the next 1 to 2 weeks, so check those mailboxes! The juror for the Northeast issue was Dina Deitsch, deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Lincoln, MA.

Deitsch notes in her essay, “While the Northeast can be characterized by its cold weather, ties to the earliest days of American history, a collection of some very good schools, and perhaps, what is politely termed a Yankee frugality or better yet, pragmatism, the truth of the matter is that the art here bears no such defining characteristics. In the realm of painting, where the limits are the mind and hand, there is a remarkable range of forward-thinking ideas, subject matter, and technique. In the grouping of painters featured in this issue of New American Paintings you’ll come across works that speak more to the human experience—both local and global—and a broadening effect of thinking through painting as a material, as color, and less as a means to an end. This shift towards the materiality of paint seems to almost reinvigorate the medium, taking it into the space of the world itself.”

— View a list of all featured artists after the jump!

You can pre-order the issue by calling 617-778-5265.

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Northeast Competition Deadline by New American Paintings

It’s summer, and time once again to apply to our Northeast Competition if you are an artist residing CT, DE, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, & VT. The deadline is Wednesday, August 31 (Midnight EST)! Apply online!

Dina Deitsch, Associate Curator of Contemporary Art at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Musuem, will be jurying what has become one of our most competitive regions.

Artists can now apply online! Simply visit our competition page and follow the instructions. Submitting is easy! Just have four jpegs, less than 1200 pixels at their greatest dimension, and a credit card for the entry fee. Get online and enter by August 31st!

Be sure to check out our recent Q&A with Ms. Deitsch.

Dina Deitsch: A Q&A with the Northeast Juror by openstudiospress

It’s time to begin preparations for one of our most anticipated issues of the year, the Northeast Competition! (The deadline to apply is August 31, and the competition is open to artists in CT, DE, ME, MA, NJ, NH, NY, PA, RI, and VT. Apply online!)

For nearly two decades, the Northeast book has featured artists of exceptional promise who have gone on to incredible international success, and NAP alums from the region include such celebrated contemporary artists as Matthew Day Jackson, William Cordova, Eddie Martinez, and countless others.

We are beyond thrilled to feature the perspective of talented curator (and friend) Dina Deitsch, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art for the deCordova Sculpture Park + Museum, Lincoln, MA. Dina’s years of experience working with emerging artists for the museum’s deCordova Biennial and her intensive work with multiple media, make her an incredible candidate for jurying the Northeast Competition. 

I chatted with the Cambridge-based curator this week to talk up the competition and her experience with emerging work. She also shares with us her thoughts on recent developments in contemporary painting, which you don’t want to miss. Our conversation is below! More after the jump!  —Evan J. Garza, Editor-at-Large

EJG: As the curator for a sculpture park and museum, how do you address painting in the museum’s program?
DD: Easily and often! While deCordova is a sculpture park, and a fantastic one at that, we also have a good 5000 sq ft of gallery space that we program with not only sculpture but general contemporary art. One branch of our mission is to collect and promote artists from the New England region, which we do through single-artist PLATFORM projects and our sprawling Biennial program. In that particular program, variety is the name of the game and there’s always room for painting! I also organize group thematic shows that often do and can include or even center on painting, such as the forthcoming show I’m curating with you, Paint Thing (working title), which looks at painting as a spatial art, and where and how it meets sculpture.

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Sweet Spot: A Q&A with Justin Richel by openstudiospress
July 20, 2011, 12:50 pm
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Justin Richel of Rangeley, Maine recently participated in the group show Wall Works at DeCordova Sculpture Park + Museum in Lincoln, Massachusetts. In Richel’s mural, appropriately located in the museum’s cafe, cartoon-like desserts fly through the air in the midst of furniture and household appliances. I had a chance to ask the artist about the biggest misconception about his work (that it’s all light-hearted and whimsical) and whether he has a sweet tooth (he doesn’t).  —Kate Singleton, NAP contributor

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NAP Panel at NEXT Talk Shop by openstudiospress

From left: William Cordova, Dominic Molon, Dina Deitsch, Evan J. Garza at the Art Chicago | NEXT Talk Shop

We were thrilled to participate yesterday in CONVERGE Chicago: Contemporary Curators Forum at the Art Chicago | NEXT Talk Shop. New American Paintings Editor-at-Large, Evan J. Garza was the moderator for “Beyond the Stretcher: Breaking Down Spatial Limitations in Contemporary Painting, a panel discussion featuring Dina Deitsch, Associate Curator at the deCordova Sculpture Park + Museum, Dominic Molon, Chief Curator for the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (and the juror for NAP edition #85), and New York, Miami, and Lima-based artist and curator, William Cordova.

A packed crowd gathered to take in the discussion as throngs of collectors and fair-goers passed up and down the aisles of booths at NEXT. The curators discussed issues of material specificity and spatial concerns in contemporary painting practices, and examined the work of cutting edge artists whose work ignites a dialogue about sculptural and installation forms of painting. The event and conversation were great, and the company we were in was even better. Check out our pics after the jump! 

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