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The Art and Artifice of Geodes: In the Studio with Elyse Graham by New American Paintings

At once lifelike and ethereal, organic and otherworldly, Elyse Graham’s geodes are captivating and mysterious.  Simply put, they tell a story.  But that story is not at all simplistic in style, process, or production.

After seeing Elyse Graham’s geodes in the group show Futero Anteriore at the Carmichael Gallery, I wanted to learn more about them.  The geodes at the show were presented in clustered groups with both halves of each geode paired together, boldly bearing their raw and vivid interiors.  Behind them, black and white video images of CT scans of the geodes morphed and danced on the back wall, illuminating neon linings and pockets of light both in the sculptural and projected forms of the geodes. – Ellen C. Caldwell, Los Angeles Contributor

Elyse Graham | Installation view.

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