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New Work From Kansas City at Carrie Secrist Gallery by New American Paintings

An effort to define “Midwestern Painting” has been a major topic of discussion lately – not a quite debate, but definitely an inquiry.  Carrie Secrist’s recent exhibition New Work from Kansas City, featuring work by Anne Lindberg, Kent Michael Smith, and Paul Anthony Smith, foregrounds an emphasis on site and contemporary practice in the Midwest.  While the press release pushes against a read of “regionalism”, the exhibition suggests otherwise – though perhaps this ever-present theme of region is symptomatic of a larger condition concerning a rise in questioning Midwestern “standards” for a definition toward “painting,” the term.  Strung together by a loose thread of abstraction, the exhibition features the artists’ differences as opposed to their similarities.  Far from being a negative thing, New Work from Kansas City highlights some very prevalent issues in what it means to put together exhibitions with a Midwestern slant today in Chicago. – Stephanie Cristello, Chicago Contributor


parallel 39_al
Anne Lindbergparallel 39, 2013, graphite and colored pencil on cotton mat board, 58 x 51 inches,Courtesy the artist and Carrie Secrist Gallery, Chicago

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Geoffrey Todd Smith at Western Exhibitions by New American Paintings
October 9, 2012, 8:25 am
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Geoffrey Todd Smith recently opened his third solo show at Western Exhibitions entitled Looker. The show features an array of vibrant, uber-meticulous enamel/gouache/ink paintings on panel. The new group of paintings is a slight departure from his previous body of work of edge-to-edge pattern-fields, now employing a larger pattern within the micro-pattern; often these larger patterns resemble the irregular compositions of Gee’s Bend quilts.  In some moments the paintings are strikingly vivid, with neons and vibrating colors that create a push and pull with the foreground and background; other times the paintings are entirely about clever nuances within the surface textures, glossiness, and composition. – Josh Reames, Chicago Contributor

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Expo Chicago Wrap-Up: Part Two by New American Paintings
September 25, 2012, 12:15 pm
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“There’s going to be an EXPO Chicago next year, right?” Chicago dealer Linda Warren asked Tony Karman Sunday at Festival Hall, voicing the concern that all of us are harboring. We were discussing how the fair was unfolding, Karman mentioning that he wished more collectors from the greater Midwest region would have come out and talking about the holes he’d like to fill in the future. As Karman spoke about how he was the first to arrive at fair that morning at 9AM to take in his fully realized creation before the final day’s activities commenced, he was the confident marketing machine that was responsible for convincing the amazing architects, dealers and vendors to invest in this first year fair. But as Warren inquired about EXPO 2013, Karman’s pitchman countenance disappeared as he sat down on the floor in front of our bench. With his knees bent, Karman began pulling up the dress socks that had pooled around his ankles and politely asking us to pardon that action before admitting with a sheepish smile, “There had better be a fair next year, or I don’t know what I’m going to do with the rest of my life.” – Robin Dluzen, Chicago Contributor

This article was originally posted by Robin on NewCityArt.
Expo Chicago Wrap-Up: Part One

Loock Galerie Berlin’s Booth at EXPO Chicago. Photo by Robin Dluzen

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Gallerist at Home: Monique Meloche by New American Paintings

Hip, stylish, and ever-tasteful, Monique Meloche (the founder, owner, and namesake of monique meloche gallery) and her husband live in a contemporary single family home in Ukranian Village, Chicago.  After Meloche and her husband got married and moved into their home, they opened the gallery in that very residence in October of 2000 with an exhibition aptly called “Homewrecker” before opening to the public in 2001.

Rashid Johnson, Thug, 2000, neon and mahogany, 48 x 48 in. Image courtesy of artist and moniquemeloche; Photography by Heidi Norton.

Twelve years later, Meloche is still a tastemaker in the art world and gallery circuit.  Meloche also founded Gallery Weekend Chicago, an annual fall art fair that runs from September 21-23rd this year.  Having started the gallery in her home, Meloche is a perfect candidate for Gallerist at Home, as she is constantly testing and blurring the lines between personal and private — home and gallery. – Ellen C. Caldwell Continue reading

Brooks Cashbaugh: Demotic Emolument (of The People, a reward for Good Work) by New American Paintings
June 27, 2012, 8:15 am
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Few images capturing the essence of American identity can stand the test of time and override the trappings of overuse, celebrity, cliché and kitsch. Indiana-based painter, Brooks Cashbaugh, has been investigating the vast cultural landscape of Americana through his figurative painting practice, this time with twelve paintings in his current exhibition (on view through July 7th, 2012) at Peter Miller Gallery Chicago, “Demotic Emolument (of The People, a reward for Good Work).” Featuring an array of cultural figures from various points within the last two centuries, Cashbaugh’s works center around a loose conceptual framework of resistance, counterculture and niche interest with historical figures, celebrities and anonymous characters that compose our American folklore.  -Robin Dluzen, Chicago Contributor

Brooks Cashbaugh | Hostess, 2012, acrylic and paint marker on canvas, 46″ x 40″  Photo courtesy of the artist and Peter Miller Gallery

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Breaking News: Next Art Chicago, Canceled by New American Paintings
February 8, 2012, 12:47 pm
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We just received word that the long-running Art Chicago fair, which was going to be combined this year with the NEXT Fair  (with a rebranded name of Next Art Chicago), has been canceled. An email from organizers informs us that, “After a thorough analysis of the art fair landscape, Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc. [MMPI] has determined not to move forward with the production of the 2012 edition of Next Art Chicago, and that Chicago will not remain a primary focus of its art fair business activities.”

The Merchandise Mart continues, stating that, “…While Chicago is home to a thriving arts community, including galleries, world-class museums, theaters, arts-related organizations, along with thousands of art enthusiasts, it is our conclusion that the great majority of the art fair market in the United States has gravitated toward the coasts.  This is where MMPI will be reallocating its considerable resources.”

In addition to Next Art Chicago, the MMPI family of art fairs include: The Armory ShowArt Platform-Los AngelesArt TorontoVOLTA and VOLTA NY.

New American Paintings will continue to keep you updated as we learn more about the closing of the fair. Follow us on Twitter @newampaintings for the latest.

Merchandise Mart entrance, Chicago. Photo Courtesy Art Next Chicago

Joshua Abelow at Devening Projects + Editions by New American Paintings
February 6, 2012, 8:15 am
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Devening Projects + Editions just opened up a solo show of Joshua Abelow’s work entitled Songs From a Room. The exhibition features an assortment of Abelow’s small-ish paintings spanning the last four years. I’m a big fan of Joshua’s work, and the show is happening at an important point in his career; since his recent move to James Fuentes in NYC and the ever-growing popularity of his obsessively updated blog, ART BLOG ART BLOG, the name Joshua Abelow has been unavoidable.

Joshua Abelow | Self Portrait, 2011, oil on burlap on canvas, 18”x14”

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