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WHAT IT IS: Paintings By Anthony Palocci Jr. by New American Paintings

Anthony Palocci (NAP #104) is a thing painter. He likes to paint things, household objects mostly, such as phones, air conditioners and ovens. He likes to paint the things that he sees in his every day life. His latest work on view at Lot F Gallery in Boston features many items taken directly from the artist’s environment. One of the most striking paintings is a huge, blue and yellow tiled shower stall straightforwardly titled Shower, 2013. Palocci includes a bit of white tile floor and a small section of wall both of which add to the lifelike quality of the image. A perspectival tour de force, the painting’s vivid colors and irregular tile pattern invite you to step right in and get wet. Across from Shower hangs the equally graphic and large-scale Tub, 2012, which features a close-up view of the faucet, drain and knobs from inside the same shower stall. All of the elements are strikingly lit from above, the light causing brightly hued, contrasting shadows underneath each knob and faucet. The drain is painted is such a simplified, direct manner that it almost becomes a cartoon rendition. – Leonie Bradbury, New England Contributor

Anthony Palocci Jr. Installation at Lot F Gallery, Photo Courtesy of the Artist

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February 13, 2013, 8:30 am
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Saul Chernick’s current exhibition, A Skyward Gesture, at LaMontagne Gallery, consists of two bodies of work including a series of relief prints and another of ink and marker drawings with watercolor on paper.  He uses medieval landscapes and images of saints, demons, and other mythical creatures to draw connections to our contemporary situation.  Though his characters may be out of place as the prophets and other roles they might have represented in antiquity, they remain symbols of an older world, a place filled with magic and superstition.  The all seeing eyes of God, the inevitability of death, the joys and sins of life, and the miracle of birth are all present here.  We see giant floating eyes with wings and long beards over looking Bosch-like worlds, demons showcasing their genitalia and an old man with a peg leg serenading a camp fire alongside a cat and a skull. – Anthony Palocci Jr, Boston Contributor

a skyward gesture
Saul Chernick | A Skyward Gesture, 2012, archival marker & white crayon on paper, 15.5” x 13” Photo courtesy of LaMontagne Gallery

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Glimpse of Boston’s SOWA by New American Paintings

I was wandering around our quiet South of Washington Avenue neighborhood this afternoon and grabbed some photos from terrific summer shows at surrounding Galleries. I made it in to see Material Abstraction at Howard Yezerski Gallery, featuring works by Bob Oppenheim, Carter Potter, Ulrich Wellmann, and Brian Zink (A serial NAP Featured artist). From there I checked out Nancy Murphy Spicer’s, Biking in Berlin at Carroll and Sons Art Gallery. Finally, I stopped in to see my friend Arlette, owner of Gallery Kayafas, who has a show called Intra Country: Patriotic Expressions. It is a sweet and summery combination of photographs (gallery specialty), paintings, and installations both sculptural and video. Not much else to say! Enjoy the pictures and have a great weekend. – Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher

Installation View at Howard Yezerski Gallery

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Northeast Deadline Extension by New American Paintings
September 2, 2011, 10:00 am
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In light of the recent storms that have effected the entire Northeast Region, we have extended the deadline for entry to September 9th, Midnight EST, with no penalty for late entry. We hope that this extension will enable those inconvenienced by the hurricane to apply. If you are an artist residing CT, DE, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, & VT, there is still time to enter The deadline is Thursday, September 9th (Midnight EST)! Apply online!

Dina Deitsch, Associate Curator of Contemporary Art at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Musuem, will be jurying what has become one of our most competitive regions.

Artists can now apply online! Simply visit our competition page and follow the instructions. Submitting is easy! Just have four jpegs, less than 1200 pixels at their greatest dimension, and a credit card for the entry fee. Get online and enter by September 9th!

Be sure to check out our recent Q&A with Ms. Deitsch.

Must-See Paintings Show: September by New American Paintings

The art world comes alive again in September, as galleries reopen and collectors return from far flung locations. We reviewed upcoming September exhibitions at more than 400 galleries around the country, and there will be a lot of painting on view.

As is typical, many galleries are bringing out the big guns for the new season – from Agnes Martin at The Pace Gallery in New York to a well structured survey of Bay Area figurative painter, Nathan Oliveira, at John Berggruen Gallery in San Francisco. Among the shows opening by emerging artists, it is hard to ignore the trend towards abstract painting that has swept over the art world.

Kimberly Brooks | Punk History, oil on linen, 40 x 36 inches. Courtesy of Taylor De Cordoba, Los Angeles.

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Site Specific: Environmental Services at Solomon Projects, Atlanta by openstudiospress

Environmental Services Paint Shed Showcase, installation view, Solomon Projects, Atlanta. Photo courtesy Solomon Projects.

Environmental Services is Boston artist Douglas Weathersby‘s art-making practice as well as his handyman company and livelihood. Working with clients, galleries, artists, museums, and collaborators, Weathersby responds to both the project at hand and the site itself, transforming accumulations of dust and detritus into elegant installations.

Paint Shed Showcase, his much-anticipated solo show for Atlanta’s Solomon Projects, finds Weathersby at possibly his most refined, with large acrylic on drop cloth paintings operating as both artifacts of his previous work (the ES Paint Shed for Flux Projects) and bona fide paintings and sculptures. As well, the Solomon space has been transformed by wall murals, photographic logs, vinyl graphics by the artist, and installations of used paint cans. As contemporary practitioners continue to explore the painting as object, Weathersby’s approach is in a league of its own, imbuing remarkable conceptual understandings and context into methods of production, the act of art preparation, and actual art-making.

More after the jump.   —Evan J. Garza, Editor-at-Large

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High Times: Todd Pavlisko at Samsøn by openstudiospress
May 25, 2011, 12:37 pm
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Installation view, Todd Pavlisko: All of Nothing, Samsøn, Boston

Todd Pavlisko gets by with a little help from his friends. We swung by Samsøn while the New York-based artist and his crew were installing (and creating) the work that makes up his first solo show in Boston, All of Nothing, including a 10-foot tall portrait of Richard Pryor made up entirely of carefully placed, differently colored plastic retail price tag fasteners. Scattered among the paintings and drawings in the show are a few sculptural installations, including a colorful nest of tall, melted bongs (excuse me, water pipes) and two works made from workout benches originally belonging to Andy Warhol.

We caught a few shots of Todd & company while they were attaching thousands of individual price tag fasteners, one by one, with price tag guns (effectively giving Pryor an especially textural afro). More pipes, and pics, after the jump!

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