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Talking Technology with Bonard Hughins (#94) by New American Paintings

In a time when technology is changing and morphing around us so quickly that we are all in a steady state of flux and perpetual catch-up, Bonard Hughins‘ paintings (NAP #94) offer us a respite.

In his portraits, Hughins mimics the CMYK color process that was used to increase printing speed and efficacy, but in painting it by hand (his process averages a couple of weeks per painting), he also reverses this technological development as if to slow down the rapid pace at which our iPads, iPods, and phones seem to lull us with their siren song…If technology is constantly propelling us to the Land of Two Steps Forward, then Hughins is consciously looking and taking one step back. – Ellen Caldwell, LA Contributor

Hughins in his studio

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