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“Investment-Quality” Art and Whether We’re All Going to be Poor. by openstudiospress

[RE-POST] Art Fag City: Market Analyst Sergey Skaterschikov, on “Investment-Quality” Art
and Whether We’re All Going to be Poor.

Sigmar Polke, “Supermarkets” (1976)

“The past few weeks, the stock market has been reeling as concerns about the U.S. and global economy resurface. In an attempt to discover what this means, if anything, for the art world, I asked art market analyst Sergey Skaterschikov for his forecast. Mr. Skaterschikov authored an investment handbook for collectors and an up-to-date investment review that, through market research, aims to function as a credit rating for art.

Skaterschikov pointed to a few trends that emerge in times of economic instability.  Firstly, a booming market emerges for “investment-quality” art, or “individuals like Warhol, with significant liquidity.” In particular, Skaterschikov tells me that the future promises repricing of contemporaries of artists like Gerhard Richter, because Richter’s liquidity has been significantly proven. At the same time, emerging artists, the galleries who represent them, and anybody unfortunate enough to be labeled less than “investment-quality” suffer, because, he claims, their middle-class patrons do not make unnecessary purchases….”

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