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Spirit Level at Gladstone Gallery by New American Paintings

Walking into the Spirit Level, on view through April 21, at Gladstone Gallery’s 24th Street branch, one passes through a hallway of Ann Craven’s large, dark paintings with taffy-colored off-white holes in the middle. The floor is lined with Latifa Echakhch’s “Frames”: rectangular rugs with the centers removed, so that only thin edges and fringes remain. The pairing sets the tone for the exhibition, and it’s testament to Ugo Rondinone’s curatorial dexterity: the simple combination evokes prayer, death, infinite, cycles, and detritus which inevitably fills up empty space. – Read more from Whitney Kimball after the jump!

Anne Craven | Moon, 2012. oil on linen, 72 x 72 inches.
Photo courtesy of Gladstone Gallery

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