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WHAT IT IS: Paintings By Anthony Palocci Jr. by New American Paintings

Anthony Palocci (NAP #104) is a thing painter. He likes to paint things, household objects mostly, such as phones, air conditioners and ovens. He likes to paint the things that he sees in his every day life. His latest work on view at Lot F Gallery in Boston features many items taken directly from the artist’s environment. One of the most striking paintings is a huge, blue and yellow tiled shower stall straightforwardly titled Shower, 2013. Palocci includes a bit of white tile floor and a small section of wall both of which add to the lifelike quality of the image. A perspectival tour de force, the painting’s vivid colors and irregular tile pattern invite you to step right in and get wet. Across from Shower hangs the equally graphic and large-scale Tub, 2012, which features a close-up view of the faucet, drain and knobs from inside the same shower stall. All of the elements are strikingly lit from above, the light causing brightly hued, contrasting shadows underneath each knob and faucet. The drain is painted is such a simplified, direct manner that it almost becomes a cartoon rendition. – Leonie Bradbury, New England Contributor

Anthony Palocci Jr. Installation at Lot F Gallery, Photo Courtesy of the Artist

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Visiting the Neighbors in the South End by New American Paintings

It’s not that I don’t get out much. It’s not that I don’t visit our friends and neighbors around our office in Boston. But, it’s rare that I’m able to do so AND I happen to have my camera at work. So here we are again, regretfully months after my last post highlighting some excellent exhibitions that are within a stone’s throw. There are too many to document, so I stuck with painting exhibits this time around. Up right now at Carroll and Sons is Sandy Litchfield’s (NAP #56, #68) “What Blooms in the Rubble.” Across the courtyard, Barbara Grad (NAP #26, #62) is showing “Lost Horizons” at Howard Yezerski Gallery. Then, back across the brick walkway to Soprafina, where there is an fun works on paper show featuring past NAP artist, Nona Hershey (NAP #50). As usual, that will be all I have to say about the shows, I’ll let the work and installations speak for themselves. ENJOY! – Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher

Barbara Grad | Lost Horizons at Howard Yezerski Gallery

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February 13, 2013, 8:30 am
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Saul Chernick’s current exhibition, A Skyward Gesture, at LaMontagne Gallery, consists of two bodies of work including a series of relief prints and another of ink and marker drawings with watercolor on paper.  He uses medieval landscapes and images of saints, demons, and other mythical creatures to draw connections to our contemporary situation.  Though his characters may be out of place as the prophets and other roles they might have represented in antiquity, they remain symbols of an older world, a place filled with magic and superstition.  The all seeing eyes of God, the inevitability of death, the joys and sins of life, and the miracle of birth are all present here.  We see giant floating eyes with wings and long beards over looking Bosch-like worlds, demons showcasing their genitalia and an old man with a peg leg serenading a camp fire alongside a cat and a skull. – Anthony Palocci Jr, Boston Contributor

a skyward gesture
Saul Chernick | A Skyward Gesture, 2012, archival marker & white crayon on paper, 15.5” x 13” Photo courtesy of LaMontagne Gallery

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Boston Stroll: Sam Trioli, Ambreen Butt, and Michael Krueger by New American Paintings

It’s been far too long since I posted pics from our neighboring galleries in Boston’s South End. There is a lot to see, but three exceptional shows this month that I wanted to share. First, I stopped by Howard Yezerski to see the Sam Trioli show, Brumaire. Then, a quick jog to Carroll and Sons to see the Ambreen Butt’s Beyond The Ideas of Rightness Or Wrongness There Is A Field, I’ll Meet You There. I wrapped up the quick morning stroll by taking some photos at Steven Zevitas Gallery, which happens to adjoin our offices here at The Open Studios Press. On exhibit here are drawings by Kansas-based artist, Michael Krueger. – Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher

Ambreen Butt at Carroll and Sons

After the jump you’ll see pictures and a little more about each exhibition. Be sure to click on the images for larger views.

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Steve Locke // You Don’t Deserve Me at Samson by New American Paintings
May 17, 2012, 2:39 pm
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One of the great things about being in Boston’s South End is that we have tons of great art all around us. You may think that we have enough art to look at, given the competitions we manage, but it’s always nice to see original works right in front of our eyes, rather than in digital and printed reproductions. Especially when the local installation belongs to one of New American Paintings past featured artists. I was passing by Samson Projects today (thanks to a lazy lunch during our 70 degree weather), just three doors down from the Open Studios Press, and had an urge to document the Steve Locke show, You Don’t Deserve me, and share it with our readers. So I grabbed my camera, and here’s what I got. You may recall Steve from a conversation we did on the blog a while back. He was also featured in New American Paintings, Issue #86. Needless to say, we are all fans here of Steve and his work. Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher

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Must-See Paintings Shows: December by New American Paintings

In the 300+ gallery exhibitions that we previewed for this post, we discovered a number of New American Paintings’ alumni on view in December. Jim Lutes continues to produce a substantial body of work and, once again, demonstrates why he is one of Chicago’s leading painters. And check out Dolphin Gallery’s group exhibition “Push” which features several NAP artists, including a favorite of ours, Michael Krueger. Other shows that stand out: Fernando Mastrangelo at Charest-Weinberg, Byron Kim and James Cohan Gallery, and Cordy Ryman and Eli Ridgway. Enjoy the list! Please check them out and let us know what you think in the comments section after the jump!

Cordy Ryman | Shadow Boxed, acrylic, enamel and graphite on wood, 38 x 33.5 x 3.5 inches

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Must-See Paintings Shows: November by New American Paintings

We reviewed upcoming November exhibitions at close to 300 commercial galleries from throughout the United States to compile this list. Once again, it is another extraordinarily strong month for the medium of painting. Highlights include the feverishly painted work of Alison Schulnik at Zieher Smith, Nathan Hylden’s complex meditations on the studio at Richard Telles, and Llyn Foulkes idiosyncratic landscapes at Andrea Rosen. – Must-See November painting shows after the jump!

Allison Schulnik | Yogurt Eater, 2011, oil on linen, 84 x 68 inches

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