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Highlights from the 2013 VOLTA Show by New American Paintings
March 12, 2013, 8:30 am
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I hope you liked the pics I posted yesterday from the Armory Show. Today I’m sharing photos from The Volta Show. It’s hard to choose which images to post, but I chose the following to give you a feel for the fair (in case you couldn’t make it) and to feature the stand-out booths and works. The venue was great…A bit cramped at times, especially on the first floor, but the building was beautiful and the location was awesome. Already looking forward to next year! – Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher

The “second floor” at Volta provided a bit more space to take a breath.
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Highlights from the 2013 Armory Show by New American Paintings
March 11, 2013, 8:30 am
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Another year, another Armory Show. Overall a good year for painting! However, the fair was a little weird this time around with a clear shortage of “Blue Chip” galleries (You’ll find them at Frieze later in the year), but maybe that’s a good thing. More room for everyone else…Below are some highlights (in my humble opinion) from the fair. Tomorrow I’ll be posting pictures from VOLTA. Enjoy! – Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher

Andy Warhol | Gagosian Gallery

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Iona Rozeal Brown in the New York Times by New American Paintings
February 26, 2013, 2:57 pm
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We’ve been keeping an eye on Iona Rozeal Brown since she made an appearance in our 2002 MFA Annual. On Friday she was featured in the Art and Design section of the New York Times. After the jump, read the entire article. Congrats Iona!

Photo By Chester Higgins Jr./The New York Times

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Must See Painting Shows: February by New American Paintings
February 8, 2013, 8:30 am
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It is, once again, a very strong month for New American Paintings’ alumni with close to thirty solo exhibitions on view around the country. Some of these artists are now well established, such as Amy Cutler, others are early in their careers, such as Ellen Lesperance, who is currently exhibiting her intricate works on paper and objects at Ambach & Rice in Los Angeles.

I have written a lot about the dominance of abstraction over the past few years. This month, first-rate representational painting, and in particular figurative painting, can been seen throughout the country. What is most interesting to me is that a growing number of emerging artists seem to be unabashedly embracing aspects of art history that pre-date the 20th-Century.

In New York, be sure to catch Vera Iliatova’s soon-to-open show at Monya Rowe Gallery and Benjamin Senior’s stunning exhibition at James Fuentes (reference points for Senior include Pierro dell Francesca and Poussin). Both artists are well versed with art history, and both have serious technical chops. In Chicago, Ann Toebbe opens a show at EBERSMOORE next week in which the figure adds a new level of complexity to her already charged interiors. In Los Angeles, be sure to catch the soon-to-close exhibition by NAP alum Travis Collinson at Maloney Fine Art, and Henry Taylor, who will open later this month at Blum & Poe.

For those interested in non-objective work, there is plenty on view. Aaron Bobrow will open at Andrea Rosen Gallery this month. Also, in Chelsea, the rarely seen work of Italian painter Giorgio Griffa offers a clinic in how less can be more at Casey Kaplan. One of the curators of the 2014 Whitney Biennial, artist Michelle Grabner, has new work at Shane Campbell Gallery in Chicago. In San Francisco, Noam Rappaport, whose investigations into the line between painting and sculpture have been much talked about, opens at Ratio 3. Enjoy the list. – Steven Zevitas, Publisher

Travis Collinson. Courtesy of Maloney Fine Art.

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Art For Sandy Relief: A Closer Look at The Artist Relief Project by New American Paintings

Like most New Yorkers, it was hard to look beyond our own basic necessities in the days leading up to Hurricane Sandy. Bottled water, flashlights, canned food. But as the winds died down and the storm’s damage was made known, the extent of its devastation proved bewildering. The homes, neighborhoods, and businesses in New York and New Jersey that took the worst of hits were highly visible news stories. But in the days and weeks following the storm there was another community whose irreparable damages came to light: those of the arts community. – Nadiah Fellah, NYC Contributor

Print featuring artwork from the first exhibition, available for purchase at 40% of the proceeds will be donated to NYFA’s Emergency Relief Fund for Hurricane Sandy.

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Must See Painting Shows: January by New American Paintings
January 9, 2013, 8:30 am
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Happy New Year from all of us at New American Paintings.

Out of the more than 400 commercial galleries that we surveyed this month, more than 70% had painting shows on view. Among them are two dozen solo exhibitions by New American Paintings alumni. New Orleans’ native Nicole Charbonnet, who was featured in one of our earliest issues, presents new work at the venerable Arthur Roger Gallery. In San Francisco, Chris Ballantyne is a must see at Hosfelt Gallery, as is Andrew Schoultz at Mark Moore Gallery in Los Angeles. We are particularly excited about Yoshiaki Mochizuki’s debut at Marlborough Chelsea, where he will have his technically complex abstract paintings on view. Yoshiaki will be featured in the soon to be released 2013 Northeast issue of New American Paintings.

As always, New York City has a lot to offer. Emerging artists Keltie Ferris and Jules de Balincourt both have stellar shows that close this week, and mid-career artists such as Francis Alys and Carroll Dunham continue to push their practice forward. A survey of Gary Simmons’ work at Metro Pictures brings together a range of media, and offers a concise look at this mid-career artist’s substantial body of work. This month, New York also has the opportunity to consider the work of Chicago Imagist Roger Brown, whose stature has continued to rise since his death in 1997, in a well curated exhibition at DC Moore. Enjoy the list. – Steven Zevitas, Publisher

Andrew Schoultz. Courtesy of Mark Moore Gallery.

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Miami Highlights: Rubell, de la Cruz, Margulies by New American Paintings

I hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage of the Miami fairs this past week. It was a blast documenting the events and I like sharing the experience with our readers. Today will be the last day we mention Miami for a while (don’t hold me to that), and I’ll end the fun by posting photos from the three collections I visited, Rubell, de la Cruz, and Margulies. Until next year!!! – Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher

Zhu Jinshi, Rubell Collection

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