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Back To The Digital Future: NAP Site Redesign by New American Paintings
July 24, 2013, 9:08 am
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There have been a number of big days for New American Paintings over the past twenty years, but this may very well be the biggest. Today, we are pleased to present our new web site, which has been in top-secret development for a number of months. This site is both a capsule of the publication’s entire history, and, more importantly, the beachhead for our increasingly digital future.


Artists have always been the heart and soul of New American Paintings, so, not surprisingly, this site is in many ways a tribute to the thousands of artists we have been privileged to work with over the years. More than three thousand artists have been published in New American Paintings since its inception, and you will find a page on this site for each one of them. For now the content of these pages is rudimentary, but moving forward, layers of more robust content will be added.

While artists provide the core content of New American Paintings, we have always relied heavily on art world professionals to help determine exactly what that content will be from issue to issue. Our jurors are such an important part of what we do that this site includes an index of the more than seventy-five curators who have lent their eyes and minds to our project over the years.

To date, we have published one hundred and six issues of New American Paintings. This site includes a comprehensive index of every issue. Included on each issue’s page you will find a complete list of the artists featured in that issue, the juror associated with that issue, and information about other content published in the issue. As with all aspects of this site, the issue pages are highly interactive and will lead you directly to the issue’s featured artists, juror, and more.

The list of people that deserve to be thanked for making this site a reality is extensive. Dozens of friends and colleagues contributed their insights, and in many cases helped to test the technology as it was developed. I want to send a huge shout out to our web developers, Sametz Blackstone, for the incredible job they did, and the patience they granted us. In particular, I want to thank Brandon Walsh for directing the project, Joerg Dressler for making the site look as “hot” as it does, and our beleaguered friend, Luke Ehler, who breathed life into the technology that runs the site, and who is, as I am writing this, across town doing final testing and working on a few of our numerous requests.

In New American Paintings’ offices, a lot of time has been spent on this project for the past year. I want to thank my incredibly dedicated employees, Alexa Kinne and Kayelani Ortiz, for all of their help and hard work. And lastly, I want to thank the multi-talented, hyper-creative, laser focused, Drew Katz for everything he has done to bring this site home. Drew has been intimately involved from the project’s inception, and his help and expertise have been simply invaluable.

Now please take a moment and dive into the site. As always, we truly value your feedback, so please feel free to reach out. And, if its not already obvious, this is now the home of the New American Paintings/BLOG, so please come back soon for frequently updated content!

Steven Zevitas, Editor & Publisher


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Thank you to all involved in this evolutionary process. The newbies and wanna be’s- the digital youngsters artists have forgotten (intentionally) that this used to take place in the medium known as slides and that the artists had to send many sets across the country for a response. Would these artists -the gotta have it now instant digital gratification generation have the patience as their elders did for some respect and acknowledgement of their efforts?-I think not. Craig Cheply-just Google.

Comment by Craig Cheply


Comment by Adah Rose Bitterbaum

I am hoping that a subscription to your publication will soon be available for my Nook.

Comment by wini

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