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Miami Highlights: Art Miami / Context and Untitled by New American Paintings
December 12, 2012, 8:25 am
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I made it to Art Miami and Art Context on opening night. It was jammed…There was a lot of talk about the Banksy pieces which were apparently taken from “the streets” of the Middle East and brought here for exhibit and sale. However you feel about the removal and placement, I think most people will agree that the pieces didn’t seem to play well in this context. And, for Banksy, isn’t context what it’s all about? But I digress…

Untitled was a beautiful fair. The ocean view from inside (and out) was incredible and the translucent top to the tent filled the space with nice even light. I heard there were some issues at night, but I didn’t have a chance to see this for myself. Hopefully next year they figure it out. Overall a well curated fair and a welcomed addition to the area.

Check back tomorrow, I’ll post images from NADA and Seven. – Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher

One of Banksy’s “unauthorized” pieces at Art Miami

Disclaimer: I tried to capture the energy surrounding the event and a few works that caught my eye. There is obviously so much more I could have posted. Hopefully this gives you a good taste. Enjoy!


Art Miami Entrance
Art Miami
Art Miami
Kasia Kay Gallery
People watching freaky boy statue
Measuring at Dean Project
Random Floor Art
Miss Conception was making the rounds. Again…
Karim Hamid, Asymmetrik
Alex Kanevsky, NAP #22, #45 (Left) and Nick Bierk (Right), J. Cacciola Gallery
Salustiano, Kavachnina Contemporary
Mark Flood (NAP #66), Arthur Roger Gallery
Kelly Reemsten, David Klein Gallery
Kim McCarty (NAP #49), David Klein Gallery
Aiko, Rosenbaum Contemporary
Installation by Chul Hyun Ahn with C. Grimaldis Gallery
Federico Uribe, Now Contemporary Art
Federico Uribe, Now Contemporary Art
Takashi Murakami, Rudolf Budja Gallery LLC
James Rieck (NAP #57), Lyons Wier Gallery
Another “unauthorized” Banksy piece.
Michael Scoggins (NAP #58, #70), Freight and Volume
Tiffany Trenda, Licht Feld Gallery
Tiffany Trenda, Licht Feld Gallery
Idan Zareski
Kathryn Cornelius, Curator’s Office
Patrick Wilson (NAP #73), Curator’s Office
Jiha Moon (NAP #63, #70, #82), Curator’s Office
Packer Schopf Gallery
Lorraine Peltz (NAP #11, #35 #53, #89), Packer Schopf Gallery


Approaching Untitled from Ocean Drive
Looking in from Entrance
Jason Middlebrook, Dodge Gallery
Justin Cooper installation by front entrance
Press Admission
Long view of ocean from interior
Ocean views from Untitled
Thierry Goldberg Gallery
Bean Bag Installation
Justin Cooper, Monique Meloche
Parker Ito, Steve Turner Contemporary
Charles Hinman, Marc Straus
Wendy White, NAP #22, #28 (Left) and Jeremy Bolen (Right), Andrew Rafacz
Wendy White (NAP #22, #28), Andrew Rafacz
G.T. Pelizzi, Y Gallery
Joshua Marsh (NAP #86), Jeff Bailey Gallery
Ian Hughes (NAP #56), Gallery Thomas Jaeckel
Erik den Breejen, DNA
Georgia Sherman Projects
Franklin Evans (NAP #62), Federico Luger
John Lurie, ADA Gallery
Holton Rower, The Hole
Jason Middlebrook, Dodge Gallery

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Love the image review of the fairs…thanks for providing!

Comment by rick beardi

Blake Gopnik said, about Art Miami in general, “I go to art for profundity and complexity and resistance. Art as seen in Miami has nothing to do with such things. Blech.” What is your take on his comment & AM?

Comment by Jim Allen

The piece listed as Ivan Navarro’s is actually by Chul Hyun Ahn with C. Grimaldis Gallery

Comment by Jennifer

Thanks! Made that change…

Comment by New American Paintings

Reblogged this on pleasedisturbnow.

Comment by pleasedisturbnow

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