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Visiting the art fairs throughout the year is exciting because we see so many familiar names. A majority of artists that have appeared in New American Paintings have gone on to have extremely successful careers. One barometer of success is making an appearance at one of the fairs in Miami. We already mentioned our favorite fairs, well now we have compiled a list of artists that have been in our publication and will appear in a Miami art fair this year. It’s overwhelming to be reminded of how many amazing artists that we have worked with in the past. We hope you take note and look for their work.

We know there are many more past featured artists out there that will have work at one of the fairs. Is your name missing? If you’re appearing at one of the Miami Art Fairs, and you have been featured in New American Paintings magazine, you can let us know by filling out this form. We’ll do our best to add you to the list in a timely manner.

Patrick Wilson, NAP #73
Ameringer McEnery Yohe, Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects

Liat Yossifor, NAP #79
Ameringer McEnery Yohe

Patrick Faulhaber, NAP #5
John Berggruen Gallery

Jim Lutes, NAP #17
Valerie Carberry Gallery

Trenton Doyle Hancock, NAP #42
James Cohan Gallery

Trenton Doyle Hancock | Waiting, 2012, Acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 30 x 24 1/2 inches

Robert Buck, NAP #98
CRG Gallery

Siobhan Liddell, NAP #74
CRG Gallery

Kelly McLane, NAP #43
CRG Gallery

Iva Gueorguieva, NAP #73, 91
Ameringer McEnery Yohe

Lisa Sanditz, NAP #50, 74
CRG Gallery

Lisa Sanditz | Facebook Server Farm II, 2012. Oil on canvas, 30 x 40 inches.

Todd Chilton, NAP #101
Rhona Hoffman

Kate Shepherd, NAP #44
Galerie Lelong, Anthony Meier Fine Arts

Sarah Cain, NAP #37, 73
Anthony Meier Fine Arts

James Siena, NAP #32, 44
Pace Gallery

James Siena | Heliopolis, third version 2006 enamel on aluminum, 19-1/4 x 15-1/ 8 inches © James Siena, Courtesy PaceWildenstein New York Photos by: Kerry Ryan McFate / Courtesy PaceWildenstein, New York

Radcliffe Bailey, NAP #3
Jack Shainman

Tom Liddy, NAP #65
Grey Area

Carlos Vega, NAP #62
Jack Shainman

Leslie Wayne, NAP #56
Jack Shainman

Amy Cutler, NAP #32
Leslie Tonkonow

Amy Cutler | Above the Fjord, 2010, Gouache on paper, 29 x 41 ¼ inches

Rusty Scruby, NAP #48, 102
Turner Carroll Gallery

Kristen Schiele, NAP #62
Circuit 12

Michael Scoggins, NAP #MFA 2003, 58, 70, 82
Trailer Parks Proyects

Michael Scoggins | DO NOT TOUCH, 2012, marker, prismacolor on paper, 67″X51″

Kate Petley, NAP #54, 66
Turner Carroll Gallery

Maja Ruznic, NAP #97
Trailer Park Proyects

Michael Dotson, NAP #81
Circuit 12 Contemporary

Mark Schoening, NAP #97
Circuit 12 Contemporary

Mark Schoening | Oh, I’m still here, 2012, acrylic, latex, ink, silk screen, and spray paint on canvas 30″x40″

Josh Reames, NAP #89, 95
Circuit 12 Contemporary

Christina Pettersson, NAP #70, 82, 100

Casey Gray, NAP #103
White Walls

Casey Gray | Still Life with Flowers #15, 21012, acrylic spray paint, ink on panel, 48 x 36 inches

Eric Finzi, NAP #100
Sloan Fine Art

Dean Monogenis, NAP #75, 80
Circuit 12 Contemporary

Daniel Kornrumpf, NAP #75
Blank Space

Alejandro Diaz-Ayala, NAP #90
Kirk Hopper Fine Art

Alejandro Diaz-Ayala | CHIEF, 2012, oil & acrylic, 48″ x 65″

Sofia Arnold, NAP #83
Circuit 12

Freddy Chandra, NAP #103
Walter Maciel Gallery

Jessica Hess, NAP #74
Spoke Art Gallery

Jeanette Mundt, NAP #86
Cliff Beneveto

Jeremy Couillard, NAP #93
Louis B. James

Michael Hilsman, NAP #93, MFA Annual
Louis B. James

Michael Hilsman | Man I, oil, acrylic, and conte on canvas, 40″ x 30″, 2012, & Man II, oil, acrylic, and conte on canvas, 2012.

Aris Moore, NAP #104
Jack Hanley

Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, NAP #95
Corbett vs Dempsey

Bret Slater, NAP #87, 102
Elaine Levy Project

William Betts, NAP #60, 72, 84, 96
Margaret Thatcher Projects

Bill Thompson, NAP #7, #44
Margaret Thatcher Projects

Kristen Schiele, NAP #62
Frieght and Volume

Matthew Cusick, NAP #90
Pavel Zoubok Gallery

Gregory Euclide, NAP #83, 101
David B. Smith Gallery

Gregory Euclide | All of your diamonds slipped green points into the ease of not knowing, 2012, Acrylic, 49 x 49

Margie Livingston, NAP #61
Luis De Jesus

Marcus Kenney, NAP #52, 70, 94
Jonathan Ferrara Gallery

Christina Empedocles, NAP #91, 103
David B. Smith Gallery

Sarah Hardesty, NAP #60
Davidson Contemporary

Sarah Hardesty | Formation (diptych), 2012, Acrylic and mica on wood panel, 18 x 12 inches

Jenny Brillhart, NAP #76, 70
Kuckei + Kuckei, Dorsch Gallery

Erin Murray, NAP #69, 98
The West Collection (special project “This End Up”)
Laura Ball, NAP #61, 97
David B Smith Gallery

Ben Weiner, NAP #56, 68, 80, 98
Benrimon Contemporary, Mark Moore Gallery

Ben Weiner | Shrine, 2012, oil on canvas, 52 x 78 inches

Douglas C. Bloom, NAP #43, 67, 103
Carrie Secrist Gallery

Michael Scoggins, NAP #MFA 2003, 58, 70, 82
Diana Lowenstein Gallery, Hilger Contemporary

Julie Davidow, NAP #52, 76
The Girl’s Club Collection

Julie Davidow | Diagram 31 ( Milwaukee Art Museum/Calatrava), 2011, gesso, acrylic, latex enamel, chrome paint on canvas, 48 x 48 in.

Michael Loveland, NAP #76
Diana Lowenstein Gallery Miami FL.

Elisabeth Condon, NAP #82
Dorsch Gallery

Karin Waskiewicz, NAP #99
Schroeder Romero

Vico Fabbris, NAP# 20
Rice Polak Gallery

Vonn Cummings Sumner, NAP #43
Morton Fine Art

Laura Paulini, NAP# 85
Eleanor Harwood Gallery

Laura Paulini | Untitled (Radiant Grid 20122224B3), 2012, acrylic on panel, 24″ x 22″

Marcus Kenney, NAP #52, 70, 94
Eileen Brazeil

Margery Amdur, NAP #87
Projects Gallery

Alicia LaChance, NAP #95
Pele Prints

Alicia LaChance | New Village, 2011, Fresco/acrylic/spray paint on canvas, 60″ x60″ x 1.5″

Matt Lively, NAP #22, 33
J Fergeson Gallery

Michael Scoggins, NAP #MFA 2003, 58, 70, 82
Saltworks Gallery

Dawn Black, NAP #100
Get This! Gallery

Dawn Black | The Magic Foxhole, 2012, gouache, ink, and watercolor on paper, 30″ x 40″

James Chronister, NAP #91
Eleneanor Harwood Gallery

Margaret Withers, NAP #92
William Baczek Fine Arts

Margery Amdur, NAP #81
Projects Gallery

Margie Livingston, NAP #61

Francesca Pastine, NAP #91
Eleneanor Harwood Gallery

Gonzalo Fuenmayor, NAP #88
Dot Fiftyone Gallery

Ruth Pastine, NAP #67
Scott White Contemporary Art

Freddy Chandra, NAP #103
Lausberg Contemporary

Freddy Chandra | Efferent, 2012, Acrylic and UV-stabilized resin on cast acrylic, 16″ x 98″

Vonn Cummings Sumner, NAP #43
Paul Thiebaud Gallery

Arden Bendler Browning, NAP #81, 104
Bridgette Mayer Gallery (Philadelphia)

Tad Lauritzen Wright, NAP #40, 52, 70, 94
David Lusk Gallery

Tad Lauritzen Wright | Betting on a Winner, 2012, Acrylic on Canvas, 48″x36″

Cayce Zavaglia, NAP #53, 89
Lyons Wier Gallery

Rusty Scruby, NAP #48, 102
Pan American Art Projects

Tim Ripley, NAP #89, 101
Denise Bibro Fine Art

Tim Ripley | Purple Rain, 2012, oil on panel, 18″ x 24″ x 2″

William Betts, NAP #60, 72, 84, 96
Jennifer Kostuik Gallery

Tom Liddy, NAP #65
William Shearburn Gallery

Ted Larsen, NAP #90
David Richard Gallery, Pan American Art Projects

Daniel Healey, NAP #85
McLoughlin Gallery

Lorraine Peltz, NAP #11, 35, 53, 89
Packer Schopf Gallery

Lorraine Peltz | Chandelier Green Stripes, 2011, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 40″ x 40″

Dawn Black, NAP #100
Curator’s Office

Elisa Johns, NAP #73 and MFA Annual 2004
Kasia Kay Art Projects

Katherine Desjardins, NAP #20, 38
Kasia Kay Art Projects

Michael Scoggins, NAP #MFA 2003, 58, 70, 82
Freight + Volume Gallery

Jed Jackson, NAP #94
Duane Reed Gallery

Russ Havard, NAP #30,48,102
George Billis Gallery

Betsy Stewart, NAP #27
International Contemporary masters Gallery

Jono Vaughan, NAP #88
Room V20

Wendy White, NAP #22, 28
Andrew Rafacz Gallery

Devin Troy Strother, NAP #85
Monya Rowe Gallery

Devin Troy Strother | “I don’t normally do this, but momma said you was specials” (my first time), Mixed Media, 24″ x 16″

Tofer Chin, NAP #103
Lu Magnus

Angela Dufresne, NAP #62, 92
Monya Rowe Gallery

Justin Adian, NAP MFA Annual 2003

Elisabeth Condon, NAP #82
Lesley Heller Workspace

Eli Gabriel Halpern, NAP #104
School of Visual Arts

Bret Slater, NAP #87, 102
Marty Walker Gallery

Dean Monogenis, NAP #75, 80
Walter Maciel Gallery

Dead Monogenis | A Book and a Rose, 2012, Acrylic on wood panel, 30×40 inches

Ted Larsen, NAP #90
Conduit Gallery

Ala Ebtekar, NAP #91
Gallery Paule Anglim

Dean Byington, NAP #43
Gallery Paule Anglim, Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects

Travis Collinson, NAP #91
Eli Ridgway Gallery

Travis Collinson | Untitled ( Marcy with Plant)

Dan Lydersen, NAP #97
Jack Fischer Gallery

Ruth Pastine, NAP #67
Brian Gross Fine Art

William Betts, NAP #60, 72, 84, 96
Richard Levy Gallery

Michelle Muldrow, NAP #15
Jen Bekman Gallery

Michelle Muldrow | The Temporal, 2011, casein paint on kaolin clay panel, 36″ x 36″

Margie Livingston, NAP #61
Greg Kucera Gallery

Raychael Stine, NAP #78
Marty Walker Gallery

Laura Ball, NAP #61, 97
Morgan Lehman Gallery

Jim Gaylord,  NAP #40, 70, 86
Gregory Lind Gallery

Gale Antokal, NAP #91
Patricia Sweetow Gallery

Jaq Chartier, NAP #13, 31, 61
Platform Gallery

Jaq Chartier | Summer Infusion Chart, 2012, acrylic, stains and spray paint on wood panel, 40 x 50 inches

Zina Al-Shukri,  NAP #103
Patricia Sweetow Gallery

Cynthia Ona Innis, NAP #37
Walter Maciel Gallery

Justin Quinn, NAP #101
Conduit Gallery

Hayley Barker, NAP #79
Charles A. Hartman Fine Art

Jen Stark, NAP #70, 88
Cooper Cole Gallery (Toronto)

Jen Stark | Cosmic Distortion, 2012, Hand-cut acid-free paper, acrylic paint, glue, wood, foam board, 22.5 x 22.5 x 36.5 in

Freddy Chandra, NAP #103
Brian Gross Fine Art, Margaret Thatcher Projects

Laura Newman, NAP #56
Jen Bekman

Shane Tolbert, NAP #102
David Shelton Gallery

Ken Weathersby, NAP #72, 92
Pierogi Gallery

Charles Ritchie, NAP #21, 33, 88, 100
BravinLee programs

Tatiana Berg, NAP #92


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