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More or Less Editorial Content In New American Paintings? (POLL) by New American Paintings
August 21, 2012, 8:20 am
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We are always looking for suggestions and ways to improve New American Paintings. Since its inception, the printed magazine has always been about the artists selected for the publication, with little editorial content other than a juror essay. While we have no intention of ever changing its primary function, over the years we have added features like “Spotlight” and “Behind the Scenes,” where we visit the studios, galleries, and minds of current contemporary painters and gallerists.

If you read our magazine regularly, (and we know you do!) you will notice one or two editorial pieces per issue. Which brings us to our current poll question…Assuming the number of artists featured and the number of images would NOT change, would you like to see more or less editorial content (features) in New American Paintings? Do you wish there was more to read? Or do you breeze by the features to view the selected artists in the magazine? Or, perhaps our current formula is just right!

Let us know what you think by voting below, and be sure to let us know why you voted the way you did in the comments section below.


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I voted for more but if that means getting fewer images, then I change my vote to “the same.” Images are what I like. Thanks for asking.

Comment by Nancy Natale

In this hypothetical scenario, it would not effect the number of images or number of artists featured.

Comment by New American Paintings

I agree on not reducing the amount of images …perhaps a point, counterpoint discussion- with a curator or two- on a few of the selected artists. I always enjoy a discussion/debate about work that one, informed expert, loves, while another has not-so-much-love for….

Comment by Rick berardi

I like this idea!

Comment by Pat Rivard

Ok, nice idea! Are there any other suggestions out there for features or recurring articles you (anyone) would like to see in the magazine?

Comment by New American Paintings

It would be hard to improve this magazine, but a follow up issue with reminders of previous work and what has happened since may be nice every few years.

Comment by joseph

I think the ultimate question when adding editorial content is “Who is the audience?” In the case of NAP I think the audience is working artists, gallerists and curators, and aficionados, so I’d suggest either a rotating series for each or one article for each per issue. For example, artists would appreciate an “In the studio with…” sort of feature, curators might like a “What we see in…(a particular artists work)” and for aficionados a regional “What’s on this season…(focusing on shows that feature NAP alumni, perhaps)” might work. Should be short, concise, focused, and free of the ‘inside baseball’ gossip-y stuff that pollutes some of the other big-name art periodicals…

Comment by Rick Freedman

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