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I was wandering around our quiet South of Washington Avenue neighborhood this afternoon and grabbed some photos from terrific summer shows at surrounding Galleries. I made it in to see Material Abstraction at Howard Yezerski Gallery, featuring works by Bob Oppenheim, Carter Potter, Ulrich Wellmann, and Brian Zink (A serial NAP Featured artist). From there I checked out Nancy Murphy Spicer’s, Biking in Berlin at Carroll and Sons Art Gallery. Finally, I stopped in to see my friend Arlette, owner of Gallery Kayafas, who has a show called Intra Country: Patriotic Expressions. It is a sweet and summery combination of photographs (gallery specialty), paintings, and installations both sculptural and video. Not much else to say! Enjoy the pictures and have a great weekend. – Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher

Installation View at Howard Yezerski Gallery


Carter Potter | Negative 6 (Landscape), 2002, 70mm polyester fill on stretcher, 28″ x 28″

Carter Potter | DETAIL

Bob Oppenheim | Teaze, 2012, acrylic, polyester thread, canvas on wood panel, 36″ x 36″

Bob Oppenheim | Detail

Brian Zink Installation

Brian Zink | Composition in 2662 Red and 2026 Black, 2012, colored plexiglass mounted on panel, 40″ x 37 1/2″

Ulrich Wellmann
, Painting (Yellowgreen/Whitegreen), 2006, oil on plexiglass, 24″ x 21″

Ulrich Wellmann
| Detail


Nancy Murphy Spicer

Nancy Murphy Spicer

Nancy Murphy Spicer

Nancy Murphy Spicer

Nancy Murphy Spicer

Nancy Murphy Spicer

Nancy Murphy Spicer

Nancy Murphy Spicer

Nancy Murphy Spicer

Nancy Murphy Spicer

GALLERY KAYAFAS, Intra Country: Patriotic Expressions

(featuring: Jules Aarons, Lucien Aigner, Karl Baden, Kevin Bubriski, Bill Chapman, Vincent Cianni, Caleb Cole, Greg Cook, Alex Pla Del Mulle, Rachelle A. Dermer, Jess T. Dugan, David Eppley, Matt Gamber, Thomas J. Gustainis, Geoff Hargadon, Teenie Harris, Harvey Loves Harvey, Peter Kayafas, Jordan Kessler, Sarina Khan-Reddy, Steve Lambert, Roberta Paul, Lynn Saville, Jenn Sherr, Ben Sloat, Maggie Stark, Triibe)

Gallery Kayafas Installation Shot

Maggie Stark | Red/Blue, Neon Light on Wood

Thomas J. Gustainis | Captain America, 49cc chopper tricycle

Thomas J. Gustainis | Captain America, 49cc chopper tricycle

Roberta Paul | Installation

Jenn Sherr | White House, Cuff

Ben Sloat | E Pluribus Unum, Chrome from 1956 Chevrolet Bumpers

Installation Shot

Thomas J. Gustainis | Bat Installation

Thomas J. Gustainis | WTF Bat, Pyrography on 30″ Wooden Baseball Bat

Thomas J. Gustainis | America Bat, Pyrography on 30″ Wooden Baseball Bat

Steve Lambert | TRUST ME, Lighted Sign

Sarina Khan-Reddy |  Be patriotic consume, Print on Foam Core

David Eppley | Divvy Up, Resin on Tape, on Panel

Karl Baden | State Representative: L St. Beach, South Boston AND House of Lights: Mansfield, MA

Caleb Cole | Odd One Out  YMCA (ABOVE)  AND  Odd One Out  The Sailor (BELOW)

Charles “Teenie” Harris | Vote Republican, Plattsburgh, PA

Lynn Saville | Red Rock West, C-Print

Hargo’s Cash For Your Warhol (Not part of this exhibition, but I enjoy it every time I leave the gallery)

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what a great group show some nice scuttle moments and deep thoughts of our world at large with great technical control

Comment by Peter Herley

Thoroughly enjoyed the show at Gallery Kayafas, definitely a summer group show worth seeing.

Comment by NIck Ward

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