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Artist Headshots: Stay or Go Away? by New American Paintings
April 10, 2012, 9:11 am
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Although we don’t have any immediate plans to change the format, in the office we often talk about ways to improve the experience for our readers. The latest question on the table relates to the headshots we provide with each New American Paintings artist spread. Some feel like the photo of the artist is fun and compliments the biographical information provided, while others think it takes up too much space and doesn’t serve a purpose. What do you think? After the Jump, use our poll to join in the conversation and let us know what you think in the comments section!


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I think the artist picture and statements should stay. To improve New American Paintings, I think you should include more self taught artists. There are some talented folks who dont have BFAs or MFAs.

Comment by Ruth

Thanks for the feedback. In regard to your suggestion: Our jury process is completely blind. The juror does not see any educational information or background when viewing the artwork. Anyone can apply and anyone can be selected.

Comment by New American Paintings

The main purpose of NAP is to help the careers of artist. Another purpose, as I see it, is to help the casual viewer, who might just be thumbing through the publication, to see that all artist don’t look the same.
An image of the artist can help bring the work back to earth and adds a human element to it.
As an instructor of undergraduates at the university where I teach, I leave copies of NAP out on a table for non-majors to thumb through. An image of the artist can help at least some students dispel the stereotype.

Comment by Ed Valentine

Keep the artist headshots. They make for a more personal experience in learning about the artists.

Comment by Benjamin Clanton

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