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NAP Artist Count, More or Less? (POLL) by New American Paintings
February 22, 2012, 8:15 am
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Last week we asked New American Paintings readers what they thought about the Artist Statements included in the publication. We have another question for you…All 40 artists in each edition currently have 3 paintings reproduced. Keeping the number of pages in the magazine constant, would you rather see more artists with fewer reproductions per artist, OR, would you rather see fewer artists with more reproductions per artist? Each option has serious implications. For example, if the publication has fewer artists (with more images per artist) the competitions would be tougher but would arguably yield a tighter grouping of artists.

Please vote below and be sure to tell us why you voted the way that you did in the comments section.

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I would pay more for each publication if you kept 40 artists in each issue but increased the number of reproductions to 5 per artist — the added value this would provide would be worth the extra money per issue. Simply put, three reproductions is a bare minimum needed to begin to gauge an artists creative output.

Including 40 artists in each issue a provides a comprehensive survey of each region’s painting culture as perceived by a single juror. By reducing the number of artists included in each publication the juror’s professional and personal tastes would only be more amplified in the selections and the publication may become less comprehensive.

Finally, the publication is a stepping stone to artist’s blogs, websites, etc. Decreasing the number of new discoveries for your audience by decreasing the number of artists represented would lower the publication’s value.

Comment by David

Quality over quantity, that simple

Comment by Ed

It’s perfect as is. Going through the new issue of NAP when it comes in the mail is like going out for tapas. There is enough variety to keep it fun and exciting, and there is just enough of each dish to feel full and happy.

Three images is enough to get a taste of the artist’s work and decide if I want to look them up and see more. It’s also enough to feel an overall satisfaction from looking through the publication. Less than three images would seem unsatisfying. More is unnecessary because when I do like the work, I look the artist up and find more work online. I find multiple artists every month whose work I fall in love with. I would be disappointed if the number of artists were decreased.

Comment by ssstephg

I agree with the comments that have been posted. It is not necessary to decrease the artists to show more work. The artists selected are already high quality and opportunities for exposure is important to emerging artists; do not lessen these.

Comment by Patricia Rivard

To keep the page count the same in the publication, in order to show more work, we would have to decrease the artists. That is more factual than conceptual, hence the option.

Comment by New American Paintings

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