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Shepard Fairey kicks off NEXT! by openstudiospress

Shepard Fairey poses with New American Paintings #93 and posse, Dan, Nick, and Z

Being a student at RISD, it’s impossible to not know the name Shepard Fairey. Even back in 2001, when I was studying there, he was already a legend and referenced often by the students and faculty. Some stories true, some total myths. His stickers were passed around like nudie mags in an elementary school boys’ bathroom. They seemed to appear out of no where, like magic. He must have still had someone on the “inside,” dishing them out to students.

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Shepard at my own gallery, back in 2004, moments before he went from famous to mega-famous. Though our working relationship was brief, he is always gracious and extremely friendly whenever I see him. He’s that way to total strangers too, which is ultimately why he’s liked so much by his fans.

I was thrilled to learn Shepard would be around for the NEXT art fair opening, DJing the opening party. It’s always great to see him and his posse (shout out to Dan, Nick, and Z), as I’ve gotten to know them well over the past few years as well. Glad to pop off these shots while he was in action. Hope you enjoy, it was a great night at NEXT

Were you there? Any favorite artworks to speak of? Let us know. More pics after the jump!

Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher

Shepard Fairey spins at the 2011 NEXT opening

Shepard Fairey spins at the 2011 NEXT opening

Shepard Fairey Installation, lobby of Merchandise Mart, via Lauren Viera

Shepard Fairey sighting, Chicago, 2011, via Obey Giant

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