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Paintings for Satellites: Molly Dilworth by openstudiospress

(via the artist and Rhizome)

In the last year my practice has grown out of the studio in the form of large-scale rooftop paintings for Google Earth. This project uses materials from the waste stream (discarded house paint) to mark a physical presence in digital space.

My work is generally concerned with human perception of current conditions; the Paintings for Satellites are specifically concerned with the effects of the digital on our physical bodies.

All my work begins a series of rules derived from existing conditions. For example, the color palette for the rooftop paintings is made from the discarded paint available on a given day; the physical surface of the roof determines the shape of the painting.

As this project proliferates, it will take two forms: a community model, using local volunteers and paint from the waste stream, and a design/build model using solar-reflective paint, solar panels, and green roofing contractors. –Molly Dilworth

Cool Water, Hot Island as seen from 47th Street, Times Square

47th Street webcam view of Cool Water, Hot Island

(via the artist)

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