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Who Has Most Influenced Contemporary Painting? (Poll) by openstudiospress
January 26, 2011, 12:18 pm
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In the process of working with several thousand artists each year, both in the magazine and beyond, as well as dozens and dozens of curators, dealers, collectors, and museum directors, we get several of the same names when we ask, “Who has most influenced contemporary painting?” As well, the back page of each issue of New American Paintings is devoted to a Q&A with that edition’s juror, and the same question generally produces very similar results. To really get a sense of who artists and art-savvy readers think is the most influential, we’ve decided to ask you the same question.

Below is a poll with the 20+ names that come up again and again. Here’s where it gets exciting: If you don’t find the name of the artist you see as being the most influential, WRITE IT IN. A shortlist of 20 names is only the tip of the iceberg, and by no means comprehensive, so we need your help!

And because painting doesn’t exist in a bubble, feel free to write in names of influential sculptors, video artists, photographers, and others who have helped shape contemporary painting as it exists today. From Bacon to Beuys, Warhol to Wyeth, if you don’t see it, WRITE IT IN. We’ll release the results of the poll next week!  —Evan J. Garza, Editor-at-Large


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This is tough. When speaking strictly in terms of painting, I had to say Guston. But you’re forgetting the granddaddy of everything that has happened since 1917 – Duchamp.

Comment by Sioban Lombardi

Write it in!

Comment by openstudiospress

It seems odd that Richter was not on the list as he has concurrently explored different kinds of painting throughout his career and served as an example for others who wish to do the same. From his blurred photo-like images to his squeegee made abstracts, Richter has had a big impact on contemporary painting.

Comment by L M Smith

He’s there! Right under Rauschenberg. The poll widget didn’t have them alphabetized correctly, but it’s all fixed.

Comment by openstudiospress

I’m so interested to see that Guston has the most votes, because he was the first painter I thought of, before I even looked at the list. I ended up writing in Gerhard Richter, not because I think he’s more influential than Guston, but because he ought to be on the list, too. Also: Anselm Keifer. My two cents.

Comment by Sarah

i think out of the list, guston is the best. i voted for francis bacon though.

Comment by Rose

Now Richter is on the list:)!

Comment by L M Smith

It’s Duchamp. I see in the comments that at least one other person wrote him in, I assume lots of others did too.

Comment by ken weathersby


Comment by patrick

leaving out Picasso?

Comment by clay wainscott

In some ways, I think that the question should be: “What” has most influenced contemporary painting?, rather than “Who”. I see a lot of magazine illustration in today’s painting, as well as wallpaper pattern.

Comment by Linda Smith

Hockney, Picabia, Carsten Höller, Gauguin, Haring etc…

Comment by MOIMERE

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