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In the Studio: Jaqueline Cedar by openstudiospress
December 10, 2010, 1:00 pm
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Way down in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, in a studio building a stone’s throw from the water’s edge of Gowanus Bay, Jaqueline Cedar is pushing pink paint around on a canvas. Included in edition #73 of New American Paintings, Cedar teaches painting at Columbia and works in the education department of the Guggenheim, but her most important role is working as an artist. And her recent work is pretty exciting.

Fascinated by Arshile Gorky and Orphic Cubism, Cedar’s work pushes and pulls figures back and forth between rich geometric backdrops of abstraction, constantly toying with figuration, color, form, and space. She often works on several paintings at a time, and Cedar isn’t afraid of constantly moving around. She lives in Little Italy, works uptown, and commutes to her studio not far from the tail end of the N train in Brooklyn. I stopped by for a studio visit this week. More photos after the jump. – Evan J. Garza


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Thank you, for making these beautiful, mysterious works Ms. Cedar.

Comment by Nancy Couch

Wow, these are beautiful! Would love to see them in person. I be they’d be sensational. Thanks for the work, for the post.

Comment by ChiChi Fargo

I am so impressed with the style, expression and passion of the work. Kudos to you and I am not surprised that your work is so dynamic. Proud of you!

Comment by Orrei Barasch

I want to cast my vote for Jacqueline Cedar. Ooops, she’s not on the list.

Comment by Sue Donaldson

Gorgeous – wonderful – inspiring! They look like dreams…..

Comment by mircut

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