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Must-See Painting Shows: November by openstudiospress

Kyle Field, from the exhibition KYLE FIELD: Waxing Marks, Courtesy Taylor De Cordoba, Los Angeles.

This fall there are some really exciting shows at commercial galleries all across the country, especially in the case of artists previously featured in New American Paintings, and we’re pleased to share with our readers the must-see gallery shows of the season. Our staff has put together a list of 40 of the top painting exhibitions at private galleries across the country—from New York to San Francisco to Houston, Chicago, L.A. and more—featuring more than 25 notable and not-to-be-missed shows of contemporary painting from major painting players like Brice Marden, Luc Tuymans, and Danny Rolph. Let the gallery hopping begin!  —Evan J. Garza




Angelina Gualdoni – Edition #41 (2002 Midwest)
Asya Geisberg Gallery, New York City
September 23 – November 6, 2010

Keith Mayerson – Edition #68, cover (2007 Northeast)
Derek Eller Gallery, New York City
October 15 – November 13, 2010

Liz Markus – Edition #74 (2008 Northeast)
Zieher Smith Gallery, New York City
November 18 – December 18, 2010

Patte Loper – Edition #37 (2002 Pacific Coast); Edition #62 (2006 Northeast)
Lyons Wier Gallery, New York City
October 14 – November 7, 2010

Craig Drennen, Untitled (Masquer: Jeff Koons), 2010 | Ink, acrylic, oil, enamel, aluminum foil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches. Courtesy samsøn, Boston.

Craig Drennen – Edition #70 (2007 South); Edition #88 (2010 South)
samsøn, Boston, MA
October 22 – December 11, 2010

Erik Parker – Edition #92 (2010 Northeast)
Honor Fraser, Los Angeles, CA
October 30 – December 18, 2010

Kyle Field – Edition #67 (2010 Pacific Coast)
Taylor De Cordoba. Los Angeles, CA
November 6 – December 18, 2010

Cynthia Ona Innis – Edition #73 (2002 Pacific Coast); Edition #73 (2007 Pacific Coast)
Walter Maciel Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
October 30 – December 18, 2010

Linda Geary, Camouflage, 2010 | Oil on canvas, 90 x 80 inches. Courtesy Rena Bransten Gallery, San Frnacisco.

Linda Geary – Edition #91 (2010 Pacific Coast)
Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco, CA
October 28 – December 4, 2010

Louise LeBourgeois – Edition #23 (1999 Midwest)
Packer Gallery, Chicago, IL
November 5 – December 31, 2010

Astrid Bowlby – Edition #45 (2003 Mid-Atlantic); Edition #57 (2005 Mid-Atlantic)
Gallery Joe, Philadelphia, PA
September 25 – November 13, 2010

Astrid Bowlby, Thicket, 2010 (site specific installation) | Ink on cut paper, 10 x 10 feet. Courtesy Gallery Joe, Philadelphia.

Charles Burwell – Edition #8 (1996 Mid-Atlantic); Edition #51 (2004 Mid-Atlantic)
Bridgette Mayer Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
November 2 – December 17, 2010

James Cook – Edition #12 (1997 West); Edition #24 (1999 West); Edition #36 (2001 West)
& Stephen Dinsmore
– Edition #11 (1997 Midwest)
William Havu Gallery,  Denver, CO
November 4 – January 1, 2010

Marcus Kenney – Edition 52 (2004 South); Edition #70 (2007 South)
Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta, GA
November 18 – January 1, 2010





Matt Connors: You Don’t Know at CANADA, New York

Matt Connors
CANADA, New York

Daniel Zeller – EDITOR’S PICK
Pierogi, New York
October 15 – November 14, 2010

Tom Nozkowski
The Pace Gallery

Brice Marden
Matthew Marks Gallery

Brice Marden, Third Letter, 2006-2009 | Oil on linen, 96 x 144 inches. Courtesy Matthew Marks Gallery, New York.

Andrew Masullo – EDITOR’S PICK
Feature Inc.

Storm Tharp
Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery

Bo Bartlett

Jim Lee
Nicelle Beauchene Gallery

Jim Lee: Woodshedding, installation view, Courtesy Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, New York.

Paul P.
Daniel Reich Gallery

Daniel Hesidence
D’amelio Terras

Jorge Queiroz
Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

Maria Lassnig, Don Juan d’Austria, 2001 | Oil on canvas, 78.74 x 59.06 inches. Courtesy Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York.

Maria Lassnig
Friedrich Petzel Gallery

Luc Tuymans
David Zwirner


Thomas Helbig
China Art Objects

Katharina Grosse
Christopher Grimes Gallery

Yizal Ozeri, Untitled; Lizzie in the Snow (1), 2010 | Oil on paper, 42 x 60 inches. Courtesy Mark Moore Gallery, Los Angeles.

Yigal  Ozeri
Mark Moore Gallery

Martin McMurray – EDITOR’S PICK
Edgar Arceneaux
Suzanne Vielmetter


Robert Bechtle
Gallery Paule Anglim


James Krone
Kavi Gupta

Suzanne McClelland
Shane Campbell Gallery


Yuko Murata, letter, 2010 oil on canvas, 9-1/2 x 13-1/8 inches. Courtesy Inman Gallery, Houston.

Yuko Murata – EDITOR’S PICK
Inman Gallery

Lance Letscher
McMurtrey Gallery

Danny Rolph
Barbara Davis Gallery


Noah Davis
James Harris Gallery


Archie Scott Gobber


Charles Arnoldi
Charlotte Jackson Fine Art


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